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Five Reasons It's Smarter to Buy Pre-Owned Boats

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Five Reasons It's Smarter to Buy Pre-Owned Boats

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New Boats Depreciate Rapidly in the First Couple of Years -- New boats can lose 15%, 20%, or even 25% the day you purchase the boat. Pre-owned boats depreciate at a much slower rate. In fact, some models hold their value.

It Costs Thousands to Outfit a New Boat -- Pre-Owned boats usually come equipped with everything you need to go boating. Outfitting a new boat with such things as electronics, safety devises, canvas, dock lines, and other accessories can add up fast.

Pre-Owned Boats Have All the Bugs Worked Out -- Most new boats have problems in the first year. It usually takes about 20 hours of operation before all of the defects are discovered. In contrast, most pre-owned boats are surveyed before purchase, alerting the buyer of any impending problems.

You Know What Youre Buying If It Is Pre-Owned -- New boat dealers dont like to demonstrate a new boat before you buy it. And, you cannot order a new boat subject to a satisfactory sea test. Conversely, it is normal, with an offer, to sea trial pre-owned boats.

It Makes More Sense To Buy From a Broker -- We can find any brand of boat at any price you and the seller can agree upon. A brokers job is to match your needs with the right boat. A new boat salespersons job is to sell only the dealerships brand and for the highest possible price.

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