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Originally started as a boat charter company called Sunset Kidd, where winters required extra income. As boat captains, we quickly found out that during all of our years of charters, yacht deliveries and just plain growing up in the Southern California boating community, we had acquired an extensive knowledge of numerous boats on a first hand experienced level.

We know how a boat handles the rough Pt. Conception, the Channel Islands or the Baja Coast.

We know the problems that could or will happen. We know it because we've experienced it! We do not consider ourselves sales people, just boat captains that love to share our knowledge of the sea and our passion for boating.

Call us and get real answers to your questions. Santa Barbara is a unique location to sell yacht. With only 1,000 slips in Santa Barbara, we've discovered that client service is the key to longevity. Our policy is to be of service to the client... way after the boat deal is done! Even five years afterwards, we want to be your source of information... regarding everything about your boat (FOR NO FEE). If your off cruising and run into problems, call us. Our years of yacht deliveries and charters means that we usually can help you jury-rig the boat while out to sea. If a fix can't be arranged with what supplies are on-board - then we'll help arrange to get the parts to you... Where ever you are on this planet Earth! This is our pledge, and this is why we are still in business 21 years later. Established 1987 - same owner!

Featured Boat
photo of 36' Meridian 341 Sedan
36' Meridian 341 Sedan
2006 US$ 199,000

This is an extremely rare model...This boat has twin CUMMINS 380 hp Electronic QUANTUM SERIES engines.   Don’t confuse these with the old style manual Diamond “B” series diesels.The 341 was designed for speed and speed is fun.  Beware of the 250 hp diesels!

The ol’ days of the mechanical diesel engines are quickly fading.  As along with cars and any performance vessel, our computer technologies are catching up.  To make this transfer in technology,  In 2006 Meridian began offering the Cummins Quantum series.   Yet they still had an inventory of the old 25p hp "Diamonds"  But the new age began!  Todays engines are Electronic! Computer assisted, working with a high-pressure common rail fuel system and Celect unit injection.  Assuring a better burn ratio, cleaner starting, less noise and virtually eliminates smoke and odor.  Quantum series earned the FIRST EPA tier 2/IMO emission standard certification.  The full-authority electronic control continually monitors operating conditions and adjust to provide optimized performance.  This improved fuel economy and has 80% less noise at idle.  Points of Interests: 24 valve cylinder head for better breathing and acceleration.  Strengthened “clam shape” block for long life and strength, while reducing weight (less weight = faster boat).,  Smartcraft multiplexing digital control & Communication system. Constantly monitoring engine performance, measureing fuel burn and confirming all elements are working at optimum.. Compared to the Diamond “B” series of equal hp, expect 5% improved fuel economy, 20% increased torque.

But we are NOT talking equal powered engines  twin 380 hp/ 760 hp combined.  Compared to manual old style 250 hp engines offering a max of 500 hp combined.  What's the difference? The "Diamond series" 250hp diesel engines only cruises at 16 knots and STILL has intensive requirements and cumbersome issues of Having to bleed the air out when filters are changed. (You remember, squirting fuel everywhere).

Meridian knew it was time to change when the new model 341 came out.  But they still had the old 250hp diamond series in inventory.  So that was the bargain diesel model, hence a common unit.

FOR SALE in YachtWorld Feb. 23rd 2013.  ONLY five (5) boats in the US have the Quantum series!  Of those five, only two boats have the 380 hp model (a 2011 model asking $380k and THIS ONE asking $223k)  380 hp creates an extra 100 horsepower over the twin 330's.

Further, this boat also comes with an extremely rare wireless remote control for the bow and stern thrusters!  Lastly, her 12'6" beam offer's an economical ride, burning around 25 gallons an hour, when you cruise in the easy 20 to 22 knot range!  But you got plenty more speed than that, when you want it!  OK, so now you know why the price is higher than the other 2006 models and why the new Meridian 341's are offered with the Quantum Series!  As it is the way of the future!

Facts from Cummins:  Better Range! The QSB5.9-380 improves fuel economy 5%. (16.3 gph@2800 rpm) while offering a 6% increase in cruise power.  Boats accelerate quicker from the combination of a perfectly matched turbocharger and a new 24 valve cylinder head which allows the engine to breathe easier.

Other items to consider: 

1.In 2006 the Cherry wood is bleached to a Honey color. This is MUCH more attractive than the darker stains seen in 07 and 08 models. 

2.Look at the burlwood coffeetable and note that this is simply a finer selection in wood grains compared to what was offered in the later "07 & '08 models.

3. 2006's interior trim is done in a padded velour that closely matches the Honey colored Cherry wood.  Where the later models are done in a dark vinyl "basket weave" (that does NOT have a Yacht style texture).

4. As "digital" TV's became a must....  The '08 models put in a small TV that attached to a backing board covered in the above mentioned "vinyl basket weave".  Where this '06 yacht got a custom installed (taking advantage of the FULL WIDTH Cherry TV Cabinet) Vizio TV that offers the latest "LCD - LED" Internet ready - Apps", Ready to play Netflicks, Pandora, facebook.  This high definition TV comes with external stereo speakers and subwoofer (seperate subwoofer control for pounding base control)  System also hooks up to an iphone/ipod,  As well as house system too.

Buying a 341... know the facts... there is a difference!

See Meridain Yacht Owners thread:  meridianyachtowners.   com/showthread.php?4207-Buying-Used-Meridan-Are-250-Cummins-in-a-341-Sedan-Underpowered

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