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Originally started as a boat charter company called Sunset Kidd, where winters required extra income. As boat captains, we quickly found out that during all of our years of charters, yacht deliveries and just plain growing up in the Southern California boating community, we had acquired an extensive knowledge of numerous boats on a first hand experienced level.

We know how a boat handles the rough Pt. Conception, the Channel Islands or the Baja Coast.

We know the problems that could or will happen. We know it because we've experienced it! We do not consider ourselves sales people, just boat captains that love to share our knowledge of the sea and our passion for boating.

Call us and get real answers to your questions. Santa Barbara is a unique location to sell yacht. With only 1,000 slips in Santa Barbara, we've discovered that client service is the key to longevity. Our policy is to be of service to the client... way after the boat deal is done! Even five years afterwards, we want to be your source of information... regarding everything about your boat (FOR NO FEE). If your off cruising and run into problems, call us. Our years of yacht deliveries and charters means that we usually can help you jury-rig the boat while out to sea. If a fix can't be arranged with what supplies are on-board - then we'll help arrange to get the parts to you... Where ever you are on this planet Earth! This is our pledge, and this is why we are still in business 21 years later. Established 1987 - same owner!

Featured Boat
photo of 36' Heritage Sundeck
36' Heritage Sundeck
1999 US$ 159,000

Heritage Yachts (Nova) have been building this model for about some 40 years.  It proved to be the best configuration of ALL OF THE Motor Yacht / trawlers... ever built.  Started in the 80's.. and yes, they built them into the new millennium.  Here is a modern 1999 yacht...  So what made these boats so popular?  1) designed on the tried and true commercial trawler hull, modified to semi-displacement.Hard chimed lines with a sharp entry, flattening out on the stern.  She sits well at anchor and pushes thru a head sea.  2) But more than anything else... she was designed for extended coastal travels!  Think the California Coast traveling up to the Pacific Northwest (San Juan Islands) or going to Mexico.  Or hey... 3) when they designed it for extended cruising, that means it's a GREAT LIVEABOARD.  How would you like a second home (or primary) in Santa Barbara?  If that's your thought, please know that the Seller is willing to sell the Santa Barbara slip rights!  So imagine a boat condo in Santa Barbara total cost about $250,000.   REALLY?  YEAH.... Come see her today....

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