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Suncoast Yachts image Darrell Allen is President of Suncoast Yachts. He has been in the marine industry since 1981. He received his United States Coast Guard License in 1986. Darrell had over 15 years previous experience representing the Grand Banks line of cruising power yachts in both Texas and California at the time he established Suncoast Yachts in 1993. Starting as a Grand Banks dealer and then adding Island Packet Yachts in 1993. Suncoast was also the Hatteras Dealer for the West coast for 6 years earning several awards for customer service. Darrell wanted to create a business that focused primarily on top quality yachts - cruising and sailing and represent only the highest quality of yachts and the utmost in customer service.

You may reach Darrell at 619-523-8000 or

Suncoast Yachts image Ron Barnett was born in Indiana, Ron's life-long love of all things nautical began at age 5 when his father introduced him to boating and turned him loose with his first 5HP outboard fishing boat. While growing up, Ron and his family spent every summer at Lake Shafer where he spent most of his waking hours either in or on the water - whether boating, water skiing, fishing, swimming or lifeguarding.
In 1972, the Navy brought him to San Diego where he became a Navy Corpsman attached to the Marine Corps. During the 70's, Ron's love for the sea kept him immersed in everything sailing. Always the entrepreneur, he got early cruising experience when he bought sailboats in Florida, sailed them across the Gulf of Mexico, then trucked them to California for re-sale. In the years following he has never been without a boat, owning several powerboats as well as sailboats.
In recent years, he has done a good deal of sailboat racing, from weekend series to coastal races -- including the Newport to Ensenada race -- placing in most. With 40 years of experience, his love and knowledge of sailing, a "safety first" motto, and a passion for teaching others to embrace sailing, Ron is known as "Captain Ron" among family and friends.

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Currently, Ron and his wife Jodee, live aboard their sailboat on Shelter Island. Over the 21 years they've been married, Ron has taught Jodee everything he knows about boating and sailing. Today she proudly calls herself his First Mate and together they share a great love for the water.

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Mike Mealer has sailed since 1973 and has owned and sailed boats up to 45 feet. I have not seen all possible conditions but I have sailed in a heavy blow and steep chop in Lake Superior, navigated in fog and currents up the Inside Passage, and sailed a gale 200 miles off the coast of Oregon. I have been rolled by a surfacing whale off the coast of Mexico and rode out the fringe of a hurricane in a tight anchorage. And through these experiences I have learned the absolute necessity of a well-found, properly outfitted boat for the conditions you may see. Given confidence in your boat, you are free to enjoy the cruising lifestyle of hot coffee on deck at sunrise, snorkeling in crystal waters, developing life-long friendships among fellow cruisers, basking beneath the blanket of a billion stars at night. The only sounds are the wind in the rig and rhythmic waves as you ply ahead, reading nestled in the cockpit.

“Cruising is about commanding your ship where ‘er you choose; reconnecting with yourself and your spouse. Enjoy and embrace the lifestyle”.
Are you thinking about cruising either along the coast or across an ocean? See Mike to match yourself with the perfect boat. email at

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