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Underwater Lights

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Double-Square Underwater Lights
[5-3/4" long, 3-3/4" tall, 1-1/8" thick]: $260.00 per light

Switch and Fuse: $29.99

Quality, affordable, low-power consuming marine lighting that are durable and built to last in a salt-laden environment. There are basically three sizes and three color options that you can choose from as well as two wiring options. The three sizes are "Double-Square" [760 Lumens @ ~1.2 amps, 5-3/4" long, 3-3/4" tall, 1-1/8" thick], and "Double-Long" [760 Lumens @ ~1.2 amps, 10-3/4" long, 2-1/8" tall, 1-1/8" thick], and "Single" [380 Lumens @ ~0.6 amps, 6" long, 2-1/8" tall, 1-1/8" thick]. That way, you can pick your desired light output as well as what shape best fits your application. For comparison, a pair of our Double-Square lights has a comparable light output to a 85W Halogen bulb on a 110VAC power supply producing approximately 500,000 Candlepower!

Why use LEDs? Because compared to halogen bulbs they consume FAR less power which is very important on smaller boats that don't have built in generators. Battery life is critical when you're out fishing at night. The last thing you want is a dead battery when it's time to start up and head home. LEDs also don't generate very much heat and they last up to 100-times longer!

By using LEDs instead of bulbs, you don't have to worry as much about draining your batteries as you fish or party at night. These lights draw about one amp for the doubles, the singles are half that! Wiring is simple; there are no external power supplies or transformers to install. They connect directly to 12 volts DC. Just install a switch and a 3-amp fuse directly in-line between the lights and your power supply and you're done with the wiring! It couldn't be any more simple or straight forward!

Another plus to using LED underwater lights instead of halogen bulbs is that you can run the boat on plane with them on. While they should be staying wet while on for long periods, running on plane is OK because they are still getting wet enough to stay cool. This can be a problem with halogen bulbs because the lens can get hot and the cold water can crack it. You also get more colors to choose from using LEDs.

Be sure not to mount the lights where water flow is strong like the hull bottom, this light is to be mounted on the transom to shine backwards only.

Each one of these lights is handmade and some may show slight cosmetic imperfections or inconsistencies.


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