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Why List with South Mountain Yachts ?

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Lou Mencuccini, CPYB

California Dept. of Boating & Waterways
License # B-03131-00001-SM

Certified Professional Yacht Broker

Bonded (CA Requirement)

Business Insured

Fast Inventory Turnover

Bi-weekly Contact and Monthly Progress Reports.

Access to multiple Internet sites to advertise YOUR Vessel including: www.YACHTWORLD.com, www.YACHTCOUNCIL.com,www.YACHTRADER.com, www.Boats.com, www.YachtAuthority.com, www.OceanList.com, www.MarineSource.com, www.YouTube.com and FaceBook.com (Both under the South Mountain Yachts name and personal page), www.YachtsforSale.com,Yachts.com

SMY also owns over 50 "Domain" or ".com phrases" so when Buyers search for a brand,style or location of boats, they are directed to this site and see YOUR BOAT !!

Print Media Includes may include the BOAT TRADER MAGAZINES, the National YACHT TRADER MAGAZINE and other print media.

SMY Co-ops listings with other brokers and uses the industry multiple listing services.
SMY also notifies other firms via e-mails,and various networking that may have similar vessels for sale. By soliciting other salespeople SMY expands the pool of potential buyers to their clients also. This increases exposure to buyers for your vessel.

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Broker available full time, DAYS, EVENINGS & WEEKENDS to show your boat.

They are "NOT BORROWED OR COPIED" from other listings.

This assures that we are familiar with your boat


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Reasons “WHY SMY”

1. SMY Lists your boat on at least 20 major Yacht/Boat for sale Multiple Listing Services, attracting buyers from
around the world, not just Southern California.
When Buyers look to purchase a boat, they search the boat, not “brand dealerships”

2. SMY owns a minimum of 50 “Dot com names/phrases” so that when buyers “googles” or searches
for example, UsedBoatsInCaliforniaForSale.com, UsedExpresscruisers.com,
they can be directed to the SMY web-site and see your vessel.

3. SMY is currently the ONLY firm that offers “Action On the Water video” with a chase boat.
This puts the potential buyer, “in the boat, on the water”.*A

4. SMY visits each boat on a weekly basis.

5. SMY prints individual brochures and places them in multiple locations, i.e. West Marine Stores,
Bait & Tackles shops, fuel docks, marina offices.

6. SMY has no inventory with holding costs. That means it’s to everyone’s benefit that your boat gets
sold as opposed to inventory that
cost the “house” money.

7. SMY is a brokerage by design: our inventory is our client’s vessels and our first priority.

8. Certified Professional Yacht Broker, Marina Respected, Certified Thermographer, Surveyor recommended (See LinkedIn Profile).

9. No “territories”. SMY Ships vessels internationally.

10. SMY, even in this economic situation, shows an “inventory turn” of 3-4 times per year. SMY SELLS BOATS!

11. SMY has a consistent “Less time on the market” than the national average.

12. SMY Co-ops with other salespersons in the industry, this gives the seller a large “sales force working on their behalf.

13. You always speak to a decision maker in the company!

14. SMY is available when buyers are: Nights, weekends, and holidays.

15. SMY uses professional grade photography. Pictures that put the buyers in the boat!
They are not “copied” or “dealer photos”.
They are a true representation of the vessel being offered for sale.
As a matter of fact, SMY’s photos are “used or borrowed” by other sellers on a regular basis

16. SMY offers a “125” point inspection check list to send out to potential buyers before they view the vessel.
(Not all vessels cover all the points).
This leads to fewer surprises at sale time.

17. SMY offers video inspection of unseen areas on the vessel for discovery purposes.

18. SMY Offers “Enhancements” on the listing web sites.*A

19. SMY does “minor” repairs. For example: tightens what’s loose, change burnt bulbs, and touch ups before your boat gets shown.
We even have boxes to help you “pack up” and remove “stuff”.

20. SMY offers removable “FOR SALE” signage so that when you want the privacy to enjoy your vessel, while you can.

21. SMY Uses “E-Mail” Blasts, (Join the mailing List)

22. SMY does “Walk Thru Videos” and loads them to YouTube and FaceBook

23. SMY can assist in guiding you thru the sea trials and surveys.

24. SMY remains available long after the vessel delivery.

25. SMY offers “THERMAL INSPECTON” photography of your vessel! *A

South Mountain Yachts image

Level I Certified Thermographer

We at South Mountain Yachts offer Exclusive Listing Arraignments .

South Mountain Yachts image
We Listen to our clients.

We Respect your vessel.

We give Maximum performance.

We advertise on Major Web-sites.

I am a Nationally Certified, PROFESSIONAL YACHT BROKER, CPYB.

We do not take any "Conflict of Interest"

We only represent our clients

We get the job done.

South Mountain Yachts image



Spotlighted in Orange County Register Business Section

South Mountain Yachts Owner: Lou Mencuccini
Business address: Monarch Beach
Telephone: (949) 240-8198
Web site: www.SouthMountainYachts.com
Type of business: Boat and yacht brokerage
When opened: June 2004
REPORTER: Describe your business: I help people find their perfect boat.
With each client, we build a profile including style preferences, how they see themselves using the boat
or yacht, their budget, storage capabilities and experience. Then I’ll find three or four boats that fit what
the client described and set viewing appointments. If it’s the right vessel, I’ll prepare an offer to purchase and then negotiate the
best price for my client.

My business also includes listing vessels for sale. I do market research to determine pricing, write and place ads,
photograph the boat to build a brochure and finally deal with the overall sale from showing the vessel to arranging financing.

REPORTER: Where did you get the idea for the business?
I’ve worked for boat dealers and brokers for the past seven years. I prefer pre-owned vessels
over new ones because they have stories and personalities.

REPORTER: How long did it take you to get from idea to open doors?
About four years.

REPORTER: What did you do during that time?
I worked as a registered sales person for a year with another company. After that I could file and take my test with the
Department of Boating and Waterways. I got my DBA license, opened my trust account, listed with Yacht World
and Boat Trader online, located vessels to list, and started finding clients.

REPORTER: How much did it cost to start the business?
About $50,000

REPORTER: Where did you get the money?
Self-financed through savings and my home-equity line of credit.

REPORTER:Your expected revenue for this year?

REPORTER: Is this your first business?
No, I have had three or four others in different fields.

REPORTER:Did you write a business plan?
No, I emulated the plan of a former employer in the industry.

REPORTER:Whom did you seek for advice?
I’ve worked with three professionals on a regular basis: Shar Butler, George Lipsie, and Michael Yiatras.

REPORTER: How are you marketing yourself?
I spend four to five days a week walking marina docks. I give out sun- block to break the ice and introduce myself and
my company. I advertise at boat shows, on my Web site and with boat- and yacht-listing services. I put signs on my
listed vessels and get word-of-mouth referrals from previous clients and colleagues.

- Hilary Smith/ The Orange County Register

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