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Thermal Inspections

Besides scanning for hull defects the sensitive infrared detector and advanced
electronics of the camera can be used to scan for electrical, exhaust, engine,
fuel systems, decks, water leaks and other onboard hard to detect problems.

A Thermal Scan can offer you enhanced marine safety and the ability to prevent
costly catastrophic offshore failures by detecting developing faults with critical systems.
As part of an early detection system, SMY performs the scans with pinpoint accuracy and
analyzes thermal images to rapidly identify component and system
faults that cannot be seen with the naked eye.
An inexpensive review using advanced infrared technology can provide a
large return for your very expensive vessel investment.

Points of Inspection

Water Pumps
Exhaust Systems
Shaft Seals
AC Compressors
AC/DC Power Panels
Water Intrusions
Hull & Deck Delamination

South Mountain Yachts image

This is the Heat Exchanger on a 7.4 MPI Mercruiser Engine. The photo shows the cooler water entering the tank,(Dark Blue Areas, the heat being exchanged in the tubes and exiting cooled. As there are no anomalies,we see no areas for potential concern.

South Mountain Yachts image

A new Water pump w impeller was installed with-in less than 10 hours of operation on this engine. This photo w stored measurements will be used for a base line for future Preventitive Maintainence.

South Mountain Yachts image

This photo shows a variation in hull density where the hull was repaired. The subject vessel is an old Stephens wood hull vessel.


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