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Customized Media

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Buyer's Book

This extra large binder was put together for the buyers of this vessel. The contents included all of the paperwork involved in the transaction, past ads from "Sold Boats" to establish a history of the vessel and and multiple photos of the haul out.

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As this buyer was mechanically inclined, I included in his "Buyer's Book" a download of the Cummings engine parts catalogue along with wiring diagrams, a "Captain's Quick Guides on Diesel Engine Care" and "Trouble Shooting Marine Diesels" by Peter Compton. With these "tools" his comfort and knowledge level is raised dramatically so their experience should be that much more enjoyable.

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Teaser Post Cards

I use an interesting photo to create the tease. Again, basic information is on the reverse. These are placed and mailed to potentials.

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Well Placed

Where would you expect to see a fishing boat? How about in Bait & Tackle Shops. Each Type of vessel has its fans, so each vessel is marketed in the "highly likely" locations.

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For Your vessel, I take lots of photos. These are arraigned to "tell the story" and walk a prospective purchaser thru the vessel. Photos include the full vessel, from cockpit entry thru the quarters including the engine/engine room so that when a prospective client is on your vessel, he has "been there" already.

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All Aspects

An Album may contain over a hundred photos. The Thumbnails are enlarged and labeled on the following pages. Upon the sale, the buyer gets the album with all copies of their paperwork; it's a great way to start their story on the vessel. Most often, the seller requests a copy for a record of their chapter of the vessels story.

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Custom Mailings

To call attention to this vessel,I had these post cards printed. Then mailed them to brokers and firms that had "like or similar" vessels and invited them to bring their clients. That was followed up by either an e-mail or a personal phone call. It worked, as the vessel was sold thru a co-op.

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"Dana Point Welcoming Committee"

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"Happy Tails to You"

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"Dance and Celebrate"

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Customized Show Fliers

These are handed out at different shows to prospective purchasers. I make up 2-3 different versions of these so your vessel is featured. Specifications of each vessel is on the reverse.


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