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Welcome to Sound Sailing Center

Sound Sailing Center image Isn't it time
that you went sailing?

What else offers the ability to explore new coastlines and relax with friends or family?

Challenge yourself with competitive racing or an offshore passage to distant lands?

Sailing is special. The ability to use the wind, seamanship and navigation skills to cross open waters, free from the noise of motors and the stress of everyday life, makes sailing one of the most rewarding and relaxing activities you can do. Sailing is not about getting somewhere fast. It's about enjoying the journey.

At Sound Sailing we offer:
• US Sailing Certified Instruction
• Sailboat Rentals & Charters on 23 foot - 44 foot sailboats
• Membership for affordable yearly use
• New and Brokerage Yacht Sales

Our base is in Norwalk, Connecticut, on beautiful Long Island Sound, while our fleet operates up to Maine in the summer, and in the Caribbean in the winter. From our dock, you can be out sailing in the Norwalk Islands in under 5 minutes. The Sunset Grill is next door to us, and allows you to enjoy drinks or a meal while looking out over the fleet. Within 5 minutes, there are at least 20 other good restaurants, the Maritime Museum and Aquarium, and plenty of shopping. The Norwalk Islands offers a chain of islands to explore with our smaller boats, while within a 5 hour sail are hundreds of harbors, ranging from the exquisite Thimble Islands to historic Oyster Bay. We are open year round Monday thru Friday, and during the season on weekends also.

Sound Sailing Center was started in 1995 by Martin van Breems to get more people involved in sailing. Martin is also the head of Dutchman, a leading sailboat hardware manufacturer. The Dutchman Sail Flaking System is standard equipment with some of the worlds largest boatbuilders like Catalina Yachts and recommended by the leading sailmakers. Dutchman also makes Boom Brakes, Luff Hardware, and other products. Dutchman's products have all been invented and designed by Martin van Breems, and have received excellent ratings from consumer publications like the 'Practical Sailor'.

Instruction: Our teaching methods are hands on, on the water, with fewer students than most other schools. We never have more than 3 students per instructor in our Intro, Basic Keelboat, or Basic Cruising classes. We know your time is valuable. Our boats and teaching methods are uniquely designed so as to allow you to sail singlehanded after taking Basic Keelboat, which helps you gain confidence quickly. We strongly encourage new sailors to become competent with daysailers, before moving on to larger boats. Small boat experience is the fastest and best way to become a competent sailor. Although many schools promote a package program that has you sailing larger boats in a week, you will be a better sailor and enjoy sailing more if you practice with daysailers.

Rentals and Charters: Our fleet is diverse, ranging from classic boats like the Ensigns, to our flagship, a state of the art J44. In general, we look for good sailing qualities and strong construction. We buy boats we like! Naturally, every mainsail in our fleet has a Dutchman Sail Flaking System, along with other gear like roller furling jibs that allows you to get out sailing in a few minutes, even if singlehanded. Ensigns have electric motors, so even starting the engine is simple. Charters are multiday rentals, for taking extended trips on our larger boats. Rentals and Charters are available if a boat does not have full membership. If you will be taking out our boats less than 4 times a year, rentals or charters are the way to go.

Membership Use Program allows 7-8 members to share useage of one of our boats. Out Hanse yachts are available only for members' use. Hanse yachts are excluded from charters. Sound Sailing Center handles all the maintenance. Unlike other membership, timeshare, or fractional use programs, we offer far more flexibility combined with expert, on site staff, in a diverse fleet from our 2006 Hanse 400, to our affordable and fun Ensigns. Members can use any boat in our fleet smaller than the one they have signed up for. With multiple locations, including one Pearson 37 located in Noank CT and exchange privledges at the Boston Sailing Center, it’s no surprise that we have more experienced sailors in our program than any other membership arrangement we know of.

Brokerage Sales: For many, the dream of owning your own yacht has a powerful pull. We can help make this a reality, through our brokerage or new yacht sales division. With over 25 years of yacht sales and service experience, we can offer expert advice. If you are after a used or brokerage yacht, we will start off with a broad variety of vessels that should be of interest, then refine the search as your preferences become clear. We also will do a mini survey and bring along our moisture meter, so as to rule out obvious problem boats before you spend $20+ per foot on a survey. We’ll work with you to establish a reasonable offer, locate the best surveyor, and be there for all the many questions you’ll have. Since the commission is shared between the listing and selling broker, you will not pay extra for our superb service.

New Yacht Sales: There is nothing like the pleasure of building your own new yacht. Choosing the wood, the layout, the colors all allow you to spec out a vessel that is uniquely yours. We offer the German built Hanse line of new yachts, from 31 to 63 feet. Hanse offers a unique product in the market. Construction quality is significantly better than other production builders, with bulkheads glassed both to the hull and deck. Performance is far better that other production builders, and approaches that of the high end race orientated yards. Accommodations likewise fall between the production and race orientated yachts, with strikingly beautiful interiors. Hanse is second to none in ease of handling, with self tacking headsails, and every Hanse purchased from Sound Sailing includes a Dutchman Low Friction Track and Sail Flaking System for effortless singlehanding.

Featured Boat
photo of 40' Hanse 400
40' Hanse 400
2006 US$ 179,000

The Hanse 400 offers astonishing performance and ease of use with an interior that combines classic American (white bulkheads with cherry look light woodwork) and modern European styling. Teak Decks and a medium blue hull look great and reinforce that Hanse is a major step above the typical production boat. We are please to offer qualified buyers a demo sail (in season) on this most unique vessel. We also offer a low cost ($8,670 / yr), highly flexible yearly membership program for those who would like to try a Hanse on a more extended basis. Our 2006 Hanse can be made availablein St. Thomas 2011-2012 winter season.

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