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Meet The Crew!

Signature Yachts, Inc image Robbie Robinson, CPYB; President
I'm Robbie Robinson, founder of Signature Yachts and I started sailing in El Toro's as well as fishing with my family in Hawaii at age five. I have since enjoyed owning a succession of racing and cruising sailboats, a couple of powerboats and now enjoy remote Inside Passage cruising aboard my Nordic 46 Raised Salon "Insignia" with family, friends and "Rumor", (the ever curious Sealpoint Siamese who thinks its her boat and we are her crew, See her bio below for more details). I love sailing (kayaking, hiking and racing) up the spectacular British Columbia coast and mixing it up with our team while sailing in the Caribbean. I've sailed from Alaska to Mexico, Chesapeake to the Caribbean and the Mediterranean in addition to my naval service aboard the aircraft carrier USS Eisenhower throughout the world. I had a blast coaching junior sailing and running high school sailing camps sailing with 15 students aboard for week long trips up the British Columbia Coast as well as Chesapeake and the Bahamas. I have the education, practical boat building and cruising experience needed to help you create a new cruising yacht that is suitable to meet your desires. While still a university student and Nordic Yachts Intern, I founded Performance Yachts, representing Catalina, Nordic, Island Packet and Island Gypsy Yachts in Bellingham and Portland, Oregon. After selling that dealership in 1994 I moved to Seattle to create Signature Yachts. We recently resigned our award winning Hunter dealership of 12 years given changes in the economy and our need to narrow our focus. We've since become Seattle's premier new sailing yacht dealership by representing Beneteau, Swift Trawlers and Harbor Daysailers by W.D. Schock. Wow! We've been busy! You can email directly at

Signature Yachts, Inc image
JOSH LOWE, OPERATIONS MANAGER & CUSTOMER SERVICE Josh is the next generation of our family to come aboard bringing a passion for time on the water, sailing or under power. He currently enjoys boating and fishing with his family out of Bellingham. Josh receives our new boats, supervises their assembly and commissioning, helps with handover, follow up warranty, service and parts. In addition he coordinates our Lake Union facility including moorage and operations. Feel free to contact Josh at

Signature Yachts, Inc image Tori Parrott, CPYB; Sales
I have been with Signature Yachts since returning from my 2 1/2 year sailing trip to the South Pacific in 2001. Sailing and boating has always been an important part of my life, beginning early in the Puget Sound area and offshore. I grew up aboard a Hallberg-Rassy 41 that we sailed for 2 years from Seattle to the Caribbean in the late 70s. Sailing has continued to be my focus, I currently own a 1956 Ben Seaborn 51’ custom sloop with my brother. After sailing her throughout our beautiful local waters for five years, the prospect of more offshore adventures inspired me to outfit "Sea Fever" and set off for New Zealand and the South Pacific for 2 1/2 years. I love sharing that passion and would love to help you find your "dream" boat whether its for sailing our beautiful local waters or if your plans include heading offshore. I can be reached directly via email at
or directly on my cell at 206-618-0197.

Signature Yachts, Inc image JOHN COOPER! SALES

John comes to us from Seattle Boat Company where he spent over a decade selling for one of the best Cobalt dealerships in the country! We're pleased he selected Signature Yachts when he decided he wanted to sell larger boats. John lives in Edmonds with his wife, two kids and four four footed friends. Give him a call if you're thinking about a bigger boat or selling the one you have now!

Signature Yachts, Inc image Rick Shane, CPYB; Operations Manager
My lifelong sailing dream began over 35 years ago aboard a 95' schooner in the Hawaiian Islands. It was a three day adventure that would forever change my life. Soon after that, I purchased my first boat, a San Juan 21, which I sailed for the next couple of years exploring the San Juans and Gulf Islands. Since then I have owned a Cal 25 and a Young Sun 35' Cutter that I cruised and lived aboard for 15 years. Some of my sailing adventures have included sailing from Hawaii to Seattle, the West Coast, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. Further enhancing my love of sailing, I began a career in yacht sales in 1990. I have really enjoyed the business, especially all of the great people I have met throughout the years. For most people buying a boat takes a great deal of research and planning. With my sailing experience and many years living aboard, I believe I can help locate the right boat for you. My goal is to make your next boat purchase a very enjoyable experience. Please feel free to call me direct at 206-459-3852 or email me at

Signature Yachts, Inc image RUMOR, Advisor, Stabilizer, Comforter and Crew Coordinator
I'm Rumor, a 15 year old Sealpoint Siamese in charge of Presidential Morale at home and Crew Morale while we're sailing up the coast. I enjoy my fuzzy bed amidships where the motion is least when we're sailing and the quiet of the forward stateroom when we are under power. I'm allowed above decks in a quiet anchorage and love any warm spot in the bright pilothouse. The occasional salmon is a real treat although a fish has never been actually caught aboard our boat but is available from nearby fisherman on occasion. I especially enjoy having a fully crewed vessel to tend to my every need. This summer we had hummingbirds fly aboard while we were out in Barkley Sound! That was fun! Once while sailing way up north a mouse got aboard the boat at Bishop Bay Hot Springs. My skipper was NOT happy about that! In the event it ever happens again I'll be in charge of swift response. I don't have email so if you wish to contact me, have your people contact my people! See you in the islands!


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