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Company Mission Statement

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Company Mission Statement

To pro-actively serve and satisfy our customers by:

Improving the cost effectiveness and quality of our boats, products, and service

Building a team of people who will develop and maintain a quality and service oriented attitude that leads the industry and creates a sustainable competetive advantage for Sea Ray of Knoxville and it's Sea Ray of Knoxville family.

To work with togetherness and fairness to each other as members of the Sea Ray of Knoxville Family.

To make the customer feel important as a member of the Sea Ray of Knoxville family not only during the sale, but after the sale as well. Remember the sale is never over, as long as the product is being used, and the customer is ready to buy again.


Sea Ray of Knoxville

115 Perimeter Park Road
Knoxville, TN 37922, USA

Tel 865-691-6731
Fax 865-691-4679
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Toll Free: 888-511-8874


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