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The luxury yachting lifestyle at a fraction of the cost, and without all of the hassle! The SeaNet Fractional Program provides you with the complete yachting experience aboard an incredible Yacht for just the amount of time you have available to enjoy it.

SeaNet Fractional Yachts - SeaNet is one of the world’s leading fractional Yacht Companies with offices on the West Coast, East Coast, and Europe.

SeaNet Fractional Yacht Program - The SeaNet Program is a cost effective, comprehensive approach to Yachting, which allows you to enjoy the benefits of Yachting at only a fraction of the cost. The program includes concierge services, captain and crew services, maintenance servicing, and all other aspects associated with owning, operating, and maintaining the Yachts. SeaNet takes the hassle out of Yachting, so that you can really enjoy the leisure time you have available to spend on the water.

SeaNet Fractional Yachts

2801 West Coast Highway - Suite 220
Newport Beach, CA 92663, United States

Toll-free 866-381-7602
Tel (949) 764-1718
Fax (949) 704-3112
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