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The Real Truth About Today's Multihulls


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The Real Truth About Today's Multihulls

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                         All Cats are not created equal ....Choosing a Catamaran Builder 

Most of the catamarans built today are generally considered 3rd or 4th generation catamaran designs and it is important to understand the production capabilities of the various builders when determining what type of yacht to buy.


                                Manufacture Research And Developement Program 

The builders with the largest R&D (Research and Development) budgets are generally the builders building the most boats. The best value is from the larger yacht builders that purchase parts and materials with economies of scale. Example: A small builder like Manta may purchase 5 engines a year while Lagoon, which is part of the Beneteau group, will purchase 5,000 engines. These catamarans sail well and are very good values given the purchasing power the builders have with the parts producers.



                                                            Hull Shapes and Design 

Catamarans are designed with a number of different schools of thoughts with regards to design. The current and best designs incorporate full bow and stern sections. Full end sections of the hulls produce good performance and minimize pounding. Aside form being uncomfortable, the pounding effect inhibits boat speed. As a catamaran comes off a wave a narrow bow section will plunge deeper into the water. A fuller bow section will submerge less. The same goes for the transoms. As a wave starts to lift the bow it pushes the sterns down into the water. A fuller stern section prevents the transom from being pushed down and the bow from lifting. This alleviates the "hobbyhorse" motion experienced on some older and smaller designs. So if the bow and sterns are not being pushed deep into the water going over waves, the catamaran sails flat and fast with less pounding. For coastal and inshore cruising this is much less of a concern because of the relatively flat sea state encountered.  



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