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SCHEPENKRING YACHTBROKERS is an organisation of 7 companies all over Holland. We have offices in Warten, Hattem, Lelystad, Zeewolde, Arnhem/Lathum,Kortgene and Roermond. Each company has different facilities. If you want information about repairing or refitting a ship you first choose a ship and ask the Schepenkring Partner who offers that particular ship for information.

SCHEPENKRING YACHTBROKERS can provide a service too enable you to find your next boat, swiftly and efficiently. We are part of one of the most efficient and modern brokerage services in Europe. We are certified by the European Maritime Certification Institute (www.emci.nl) and we have more than 25 years experience in brokerage.

If we do not have a boat on our books wich fits your requirements. We will personally try and locate a boat which meets your requirements. As we have a wide understanding and knowledge of yacht brokerage in Europe we can offer an outstanding service.
Our services:
1. Locating a selection of yachts which meet your requirements
2. Multi-linguar translation services
3. Assit you through all aspect of the purchase and insurance paper work
4. Accompanied viewing of the boats which are of interest to you
5. Negotiation assistance
6. Organize accommadation if required
7. Introduction to Dutch way of life

We are also provide instruction and explanation of the Dutch/French charts and almanacs.

Fees are based on the level of assistance you require.I am sure you will find our charges for our services are very reasonalble.


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