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Thank you for visiting Rudders & Moorings Yacht Sales, LLC

A Pro-Active Yacht Brokerage

My partners and I have been studying the brokerage business and believe that there is a better way to help our clients both sell and buy boats.

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Most brokerage houses rely on putting your boat on a popular web site, and then wait for someone to find the ad. While this approach makes a lot of sense and is something we do too, we find this to be what we call the "Passive" approach to selling a boat.

With today's technology our clients benefit greatly from greater exposure to the buying community by utilizing what we consider to be a "Pro-Active" approach.

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So what do we do that is different?

Facebook - by using all of our Facebook contacts, Facebook Marketplace as well as using Facebook Pages, we expand our client's reach - both buyer and seller. If you're selling your boat, we provide you with significantly greater exposure to people who will never see the popular boating web sites. If you are a buyer, your search is now expanded to include the huge Facebook world to find that perfect boat.

Twitter, yes only 140 characters at a time, but when you include the web site in that Tweet, that includes our sellers boat, or our buyers boat - the vast Twitter audience is now exposed to your message. We have been using Twitter for several years, and on our boaters only Twitter id, we have over 6,000 followers. (Those followers have their own followers, and those followers have... well you get the message).

Rudders & Moorings Yacht Sales LLC image
LinkedIn - A site originally designed as a site to help people network for job opportunities has evolved to now include marketing of products, and we take advantage of their continued growth to further expand the reach for our customers. The demographics of people that you find on LinkedIn are the kind of people you would expect to be buying and selling their boats.

YouTube - Some client boats require more than just a few photos and a description, so we will take the time to create a video of your boat and put it on YouTube. These same videos can be linked to or downloaded to our traditional boating web sites. Check them out next time your on our site.

Rudders & Moorings Yacht Sales LLC image
Newsletter - Over the past several years, as we have been in contact with hundreds and hundreds of people in the boating community, we have remained in contact with just about all of them to the point that today we have well over 1,000 New England area boaters, and we communicate with all of them via a regular Newsletter that allows us to highlight a sellers boat or a buyers request. We regularly receive inquiries immediately after sending out the Newsletter.

So, we consider ourselves to be different. We are every bit a traditional brokerage house by advertising our client boats on multiple boating web sites as most everyone else does. But then again, we are every bit a technology brokerage using today's social media tools to place our buyers and sellers out into the internet where the potential buying and selling community for YOUR BOAT are. We plan to make it easy for them to see your boat before anyone elses.

If you'd like us to put our skills to work for you, give us a call or send us an email

Or "friend" us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, connect with us via LinkedIN, or subscribe to our video channel on YouTube. And. of course, if you'd like to receive our Newsletter, please send us your email.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Featured Boat
photo of 170' Auxilliary Sail Barquentine Schooner
170' Auxilliary Sail Barquentine Schooner
2007 US$ 2,000,000

This vessel is located in the NorthEast United States.

                                        ***********PRICE REDUCED AGAIN*************

                                                     OWNER WANTS HER SOLD

She was custom designed to fulfill all USCG and SOLAS requirements to carry passengers on oceans. The Certificate of Inspection has currently lapsed. She was recently audioguaged (Planemetrics 37DLPlus) in various areas as a source of additional information of steel condition. Steel was found to have some surface rust in exposed areas where coatings had been poorly or thinly applied- edges etc but overall was well coated and even where thin rusting had taken place, underlying steel was measured "as built"


The engine is a Lugger 6140 Diesel with less than 2300 hours. 6 cylinder, 500HP.

A unique feature of this unique vessel is the ability to cruise in much shallower waters than just about anything else of this size due to the centerboard design. With the centerboard down she draws 19', but in the up position only 10'. A great advantage when cruising the islands.

There is an extensive inventory that comes with this vessel with a full complement of sails, life jackets, lafe saving equipment, and every amenity you would expect on a relatively new passenger carrying vessel of this size.

Make sure to view the video for a virtual tour, and contact us to arrange for a personal inspection.

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