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Meet the Crew

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Bernie Jakits

As an engineer in the aerospace industry, all those years reading sailing magazines during my successful career, known as a job, I dreamed of one thing, the day I would escape my day job and sail full time…like all those reading this! I imagined a special kind of yacht brokerage, uniquely dedicated to blue water boats and the cruising life style. In 1998, the dream became reality. Now, some ten years later, RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services, Inc. has helped more than 1000 sailors get into their dream boat. As an engineer, there is always a plan, a guiding light, and a destination. Now, all those years of experience have made me uniquely capable in guiding people. I have owned, sailed and lived aboard more than a few high quality sailing vessels. In the early 70s I owned two Catalinas, a 27 then a 30. From there it was a Westsail 32, which at that time and still today, is one of the benchmarks of a true classic bluewater cruiser. In the 80s, I raised a family aboard and sailed a far, on a beautiful Norseman 447, built by Tashing, designed by Bob Perry. Later, I owned a Pacific Seacraft Crealock 34. After that, a Valiant 40, probably Perry’s most well known design. Today, after having owned so many truly great boats, the Valiant 40 is still my all time favorite. In the early years of RogueWave Yacht Sales, Kate and I traded up to an amazing 2001 Hallberg-Rassy 53. Wow! That was a yacht of the highest order, in fact we won the West Marine Bermuda Rally doing a 264 mile noon to noon run on her. Then we owned the most beautiful, Bristol Channel Cutter (BCC28) named “Indigo”. I have sailed all of these vessels to many foreign ports and lived aboard them while raising a family. I have disassembled everyone of these vessels and put them back together, installing every system there is, while maintaining every boat properly. These years of experience have truly made me a specialist in high caliber blue water sailing yachts. I know of no other Broker that can make that statement! As a Licensed & Bonded Yacht Broker, please give me the pleasure of helping you define and choose your next passage making/offshore capable sailing yacht; all gained from having maintained a 100 Ton USCG Master License, having been a Marine Surveyor, a MSME Mechanical Engineer and lastly, having sailed over 200,000 some offshore miles, if sailing my own boats or delivering countless of others to about everywhere imaginable.
Sailing isn't a hobby to us, it's a lifestyle........for.......... "If a man must be obsessed with something, I suppose a boat is as good as anything, perhaps a bit better than most. A small sailing craft is not only beautiful, it is seductive and full of strange promise and the hint of trouble. If it happens to be an auxiliary cruising boat, it is without question the most compact and ingenious arrangement for living ever devised by the restless mind of man - a home that is stable without being stationary, shaped less like a box than like a fish or a girl, and in which the homeowner can remove his daily affairs as far from shore as he has the nerve to take them, close hauled or running free - parlor, bedroom and bath, suspended and alive." Reach Bernie at or on his cell at 443-742-1792

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image

Matt Rutherford, Adventurer, Sailor, Delivery Skipper, and Yacht Broker

Matt Rutherford is the first person in history to complete a non-stop, single-handed, voyage around North and South America in 2011-12! We are very pleased that Matt has now chosen to associate himself with RogueWave Yacht Sales. He is passionate about boats and sailing and he loves the kind of boats and people we represent here at RogueWave.

Indeed, Matt's most famous accomplishment is his successful voyage around the Americas sailing alone for the 309 days it took. Matt Rutherford left Annapolis, MD on June 2011 and traversed some of the most dangerous seas on Earth. During the first leg of his trek, he broke a record by solo sailing the smallest boat in history through the Northwest Passage. Once through this northern passage, Rutherford sailed around the entire state of Alaska then south through the Pacific Ocean from North to South America to make his left-hand turn at storm-tossed Cape Horn and completing his record breaking journey in 309 days after sailing 27,077 miles at sea. Check out the video on You Tube for a little glimpse.

After returning from such a voyage, Matt Rutherford wanted more adventure and set out to create a non-profit organization that would help scientists better understand the problems facing the oceans. In 2016 he led a team of scientists on a five month scientific voyage to the Arctic. Matt raised money for the organization and outfitted a suitable vessel for the exploration. And he went out and accomplished another amazing undertaking. You can see that Matt Rutherford is an amazing, driven individual fueled by the certainty that what one man can do, another can do.

Since his return from the Arctic, Matt has been putting his talents to work doing deliveries up and down and across oceans for clients who trust him absolutely with their amazing blue water voyaging yachts. He’s taken many cruising boats to the Caribbean for their owner’s enjoyment and is available to provide delivery services. He is capable, talented, energetic, and eager to be successful in his next adventure.

We are very pleased that Matt Rutherford has joined with RogueWave Yacht Sales to again put his talents, experience and expertise to work serving the sailing community. He is passionate about the oceans and the boats that sail. His desire is to help others to realize their sailing vision. The good news is that you do not have to envision a passage through the Northeast Passage to benefit from all of Matt’s experience.

You can reach Matt Rutherford at or on his cell phone at 443 254 3909.

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image

Kate Christensen

As Bernie’s partner and co-owner of RogueWave Yacht Sales, I’ve been able to share my expertise and the special love of traditional offshore sailing vessels. I’ve owned several traditional boats including “Aloha” the Bristol Channel Cutter. I love these stout seaworthy vessels of substance, charm and character. As a woman who discovered sailing later in life, I bring the perspective to all those, who are like me who just fell in love with sailing and boats. Helping you sailors, especially women sailors, to have the confidence to own their own boat, as I did, is especially rewarding.

For many years, I put sailing on the back burner, like most of our clients. I worked hard to build a successful company, built on a foundation of high standards of quality and service. Now as a partner with Bernie in RogueWave Yacht Sales, I have the best job in the world. Now I can help people realize their dreams. RogueWave has the same spirit of honesty, integrity, and pride of service that made me successful in my business. Since 1982, I've sailed the Chesapeake Bay, the Caribbean, and the East Coast. Bernie and I have sailed so many places (See our Passages). We’ve delivered boats, or helped our clients learn their boat. I've had a chance to sail lots of exciting places in Europe and the East Coast, the West Coast, San Juan Islands, Sea of Cortez, the Caribbean, and even the Med. While I've sailed many boats, owned a Laser, a Cornish Crabber, and a Channel Cutter, my true love is a traditional blue water cruising vessel that is beautiful to look at and satisfying to sail. This is me sailing “Aloha” my second boat, a Bristol Channel Cutter 28’ Lyle Hess design built by Sam L. Morse in Costa Mesa, CA. If you are a solo sailor, this is probably the most beautiful and functional vessel you could possibly choose. She was a wonderful boat to own. I appreciate the artistry and integrity of a well made sailing vessel. I love the traditional lines and sea kindly motion. I guess I like a boat with a proud and proven heritage. Mostly I wanted a boat I could sail myself! And I did! And I enjoy working with people who share this dream and have the same passion for boat. Please give me the opportunity to help guide you through this experience.

Reach Kate at or her cell phone at 410-919-7521

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image

Peter Holzinger

The RogueWave just got bigger! We are pleased to announce that Peter Holzinger has agreed to come aboard. Peter is passionate about boats and sailing and he’s equally passionate about people. His enthusiasm is contagious so watch out! Peter has been sailing and racing all his life starting off in the junior sailing program at his local yacht club on the Connecticut shore. He has followed his passion sailing all over New England and of course to Bermuda and on the Caribbean 1500 in 2009. Also on his sailing resume is the 600 mile trip he took with Brad Van Lieu aboard the Open 50 “Tommy Hilfiger” in which Brad finished first in the 2002 Around Alone Race. Peter also managed to get aboard the 1979 Whitbread winner FLYER for another 1700 mile ocean passage. He’s got a lot of sailing experience gained over the past 40 years! Peter also enjoys cruising and has cruised in the Sea of Cortez in Mexico. He’s lived aboard his own boat for a few years until he found a perfect condo to own in Annapolis. Peter’s own boat is a beautiful well maintained Sparkman and Stevens designed Tartan 37. She is an absolute classic vessel that sails so well and she’s perfect to single-hand. He is also an avid skier enjoying the slopes almost as much as the motion of the ocean. Oh, yes, but there is also the ice boat! Peter sails an ice boat that cruises on black ice at 70 mph! But that’s not all; he climbed the Grand Teton outside of Jackson Hole! He says he won’t need to do that again but he can be easily convinced to go mountain biking in his favorite spot in Montana where he lived for many years. With all that activity it might be hard to believe that Peter has always been an entrepreneur who is driven and hard worked. He created a very successful business in the coffee industry before it was a super fad. He was fortunate to sell his business before Starbucks took over the world. Well, his does hold a degree in marketing so maybe that helped! Peter also enjoyed a career in banking for ten years curtailed by the 2008 crash but he turned lemons into lemonade by helping people avoid foreclosure which he truly enjoyed doing. I think his ten year stint with a nine to five schedule convinced Peter that he really was happier being free to pursue his passions of boats, sailing, people and all the activities of great outdoors. When you get to know Peter, you soon clearly see how he managed to succeed brilliantly as he is hard working and actually quite driven by his passion. He has boundless energy and loves to help people truly get the right boat to ensure their cruising vision will work out perfectly. And if you are a boat owner already wanting to trade up of down of sell your boat, you will find that Peter’s skills and experience in marketing and sales combine with his enthusiasm and personal dedication will make the whole experience fun and easy. Peter Holzinger is a perfect fit for RogueWave and we are thrilled he’s joined the team.

Reach Peter at or on his cell phone at 410-279-7322.

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image

Diane Ilg

We are amazingly lucky to have incredible support from Diane who lived aboard and cruised on the West Coast to Hawaii, and on to finally arrive in Annapolis years later. Diane built a beautiful cruising ketch with her husband and they went cruising in the times not long ago when you had to know celestial navigation. Her sextant makes a nice office conversation piece! I know Diane was definitely admiral Ilg on the good ship Ishtar, (named Ishtar because Aphrodite wouldn’t fit on that gorgeous classic transom). Now days, Diane is quite comfortable at the helm in our beautiful office at Port Annapolis Marina. Diane has been supporting the entire yacht purchase process for over twenty years and she is skilled and experienced with all the ins and outs of boat ownership. We are so pleased that Diane is there to support all our clients through the process, buying or selling. Whether you are buying or selling, large or small, you are in capable hands.

You can reach Diane at or on her cell at 410-212-8064.

Reach Kate at or her cell phone at 410-919-7521

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." Let us help you realize your sailing dreams!


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