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Sold by RogueWave

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services is proud of its track record! We've had the opportunity to sell over 650 yachts totalling more than 150 million dollars in our ten year history. Here is a brief sample of the types of yachts we love to sell and have sold.

53' Hallberg-Rassy Cutters THREE OF THEM, 46' Hallberg-Rassy, 43' Hallberg-Rassy (four), a Hallberg-Rassy 42 (two);
51' Hylas Center Cockpit Sloop designed by German Frers, Also the 49!
71' Philip Rhodes Custom Ketch Motorsailer,
55' Northwind Cutter built in Spain,
52' Custom Steel Ketch Flush Deck Center Cockpit,
52' Tayana 52 Center Cockpit Cutter designed by Bob Perry,
51' Chuck Paine Custom ’98 McConaghy, Austrailia, TWICE
50' Farr 50 Pilot House 1999, TWICE
48' Bowman Deck Saloon 2000
48' Nautor Swan
47' Bristol Center Cockpit 1992 Ted Hood,
47' Stevens Cutter 1981 Sparkman & Stevens (Six of them)
Outbound 44, designed by the late Carl Schumacher
Taswell 43, 44 and 49 (a virtual Bob Perry design although he never got credit)
43' Hans Christian Telstar, Harwood Ives (Several)
40' Ta Shing Norseman 447 Bob Perry (Six of them!)
42' Valiant, 16 of them and lots of V40s, V37s, V32s to boot
44 Mason Cutter (3) and a 43' Mason Ta Shing
Dozens of Island Packets
40’ Ta Shing Tashiba 40 (4), designed by Bob Perry,
40' Ta Shing Norseman 1989 Gary Grant,
38' Little Harbor 1981 Ted Hood, (Four)
38' Bristol by Ted Hood, (two or three)
38' Hans Christian, Harwood Ives. We love the Telstar
Pacific Seacraft Crealock-designed,Several 34/37'
34' Kaiser Gale Force 1983 John Kaiser Sr.,
30' Sea Sprite 30 1985 Bill Luders,
28' Bristol Channel Cutter (46 of them!) 27' Nor'Sea, Lyle Hess design trailerable boats(14 of them) 22' Falmouth Cutter (11 of them!)
24' Pacific Seacraft Dana 1997 Bill Crealock, (several)
and many, many more great bluewater boats BESIDES three very large and very expensive European built sailing yachts!

Here at RogueWave Yacht Sales, we strongly believe in quality over quantity. It doesn’t matter if she’s 25 feet long or 65 feet. It boils down to how she is designed, built and how she is maintained. We’ll tell you the truth, even if it hurts.

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image

51' Chuck Paine Custom ’98 McConaghy, Austrailia

"Enterprise" was and remains impressive in all regards. She is the result of a collaborative effort by the world renowned yacht designer, Chuck Paine, Americas Cup composite builder John McConaghy, and her highly experienced world cruising owners. This custom yacht elaborates on Paine's successful Apogee 50. It was a great pleasure to represent a fellow Valiant owner and friend in the acquisition of this vessel. He asked me what vessel I would choose to for an around-the-world, single-handed voyage, in comfort, grace and style. In my estimation, there is only one boat to buy. After reviewing the 100-page technical document in which I explained why this vessel meets his needs as no other could...all supported with detailed technical information. It is a great pleasure to know that he is happily sailing around the work now. Oh, and I sold his Valiant 42 within two months for the full asking price!

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image

Nautor Swan 48, 1999 Hull #129

A very successful and fun Family who loves sailing came to us with ideas of moving up from a Beneteau 43 into something much more real in terms of quality, performance and style. We suggested an almost new, and expensive Nautor Swan 48. When it comes to picking the right boat for our Clients, we here at RogueWave can read between the lines, we understand your requirements and your vision.

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image

42' Valiant Cutter & the benchmark Valiant 40 by Robert Perry

We know these All Ocean SUV's because we have sailed them afar, lived aboard them for years and most importantly, have owned TWO. We just took delivery of our own Valiant 42. We've helped twelve couples buy a Valiant in the last several years. We know these boats and we love how this tough, great sailing boat works for us. We'd love to help you sell your Valiant. We've sold so many...Respite, Heartbeat, Restless, Solstice, Apogee, Fram, Silent Passage, Tigress, Ciboney, Mariah Blake, Ptarmigan, Odin, and more I will soon think of. This boat is the true definition of an offshore vessel and offers a measure by which serious sailing vessels can be judged. There have been more circumnavigations and more successful passages with just a couple aboard a Valiant, than on any other vessel ever built. If you are interested in knowing more about Valiants, please call us. We'd love to tell you why we own one. If you own one, someday, we'd be honored to help you sell her!

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image

Outbound 44 designed by the late Carl Schumacher.

A young and adventurous couple came to our office and we listened to their needs and requirements, never mentioning a boat type. After about an hour, I said you need an Outbound 44. They said surprisingly, "that is the top boat on our wish list." RogueWave found them the best one available and three months later, they sailed away happy and are full time live aboards.

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image

50' Farr 50 Pilot House 1999

Our client, a successful, entreprenuer asked me what I thought of his Beneteau 473. Candidly I told him with his sailing ability, desire, and success, he should have something a lot better! He wanted a stunning, contemporary, yacht that was really fast. His desire was to have a yacht large enough that he and his lovely wife could entertain friends and family, and yet a yacht they could could sail alone. Anyone who has ever seen or sailed a FARR 50 knows that this boat meets all the qualifications. We helped him locate and acquire the yacht in the Netherlands and sailed it with him to Malaga Spain where he started his tour of the Med. We sold the Beneteau in one week for full asking price. And Guess What? Due to a growing family, this fine vessel is now for sale again. We've sold her again, in the first week.

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image

Hallberg-Rassy 53 2001 designd by German Frers.

What can one say about a boat that is a yacht in all terms. Having listed the boat for a Seller, we sold her in 2002 to ourselves because we fell in love with her, then years later sold her again to a ex Swan 57 owner, and then again to a ex Bristol 47 owner. The HR53 is total comfort, total security, total quality, total performance in a million dollar plus sailing machine. The Hallberg-Rassy 53 is one of the best of the best.

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image

Hallberg-Rassy 46 Ex-Runa now Imagine, 2003, Seattle, WA

A wonderful young healthy Family approached us to help them find the perfect Family world cruiser. After inspecting Tayanas, Taswells and other solid brands, the HR46 met every one of their requirements. We explore the reasons why this will work, using objectivity and subjectivity in a proper balance. We even spent a week sailing the San Juans with them "in a get to know your boat" experience. The Family set off this last November on the Caribbean 1500 to points South and West. They're somewhere in the South Pacific now.

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image

48' Bowman Deck Saloon 2000 Chuck Paine

Another wonderful Chuck Paine design, this Bowman 48' was absolutely the perfect choice for a member of our local yacht club who had asked me to advise him in stepping up from his Norseman 400. He needed a boat big enough for his four children to sleep comfortably with space of their “own” and he wanted a boat that is fun to race occasionally, good in light air and safe offshore. Knowing Chuck Paine’s designs and Bowman's build quality I immediately thought of "Sandella". The Sellers had raced her across the Atlantic in the ARC and I knew from her owner that she was available for sale. This yacht is gorgeous. It was a delight to match her with the right buyer.

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image

52 Tayana Shoal Draft Center Cockpit, Perry Design

This Yacht can sail anywhere and at any time. All while providing the Owner and his Crew with total comfort and safety, all while getting to their destination very quickly. My good friend, Bob Perry, the Designer of “Endless Summer”, states about the Tayana 52, “that they have the sweetest sheer that I have ever drawn, that few yachts exhibit the stunning symmetry, the sheer beauty of the 52. Whether lying at anchor or playing with high sweeping seas, she is an eye-stopper of the magnitude-truly a magnificent sailing machine”. This one was a wonderful vessel and she has a new home headed for the South Pacific.

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image

Ta Shing Tashiba 40, 1997 designed by Bob Perry

What a beautiful yacht! I know the boat well. I’ve owned several Perry designs and I appreciate the build quality of Ta Shing. It was a great pleasure to help this nice couple sell their Tashiba 40. When looking at the small things on her, like all screw heads facing the same direction, and all the grains of wood run as one, the glass is like a mirror, the bilges are painted, the drawers and cabinets finished perfectly. I can go on for hours on the quality of a TaShing built yacht, for I had one for years, admiring and enjoying the sheer beauty of them. Give me a call and lets talk TaShing, the beauty of them, if construction, livability and offshore sailing characteristics. If you want a perfect sailaway vessel that is second to none, consider a Ta Shing built yacht and you’ll have the very best in construction for a lot lower investment. We love selling this beauty. She's the lion in lamb's clothing!

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image

47' Bristol Center Cockpit 1992 by Ted Hood

What a beautiful boat! The Bristol 47.7 designed by Ted Hood is one of the finest, traditional, opulent, center-cockpit, two-cabin cruising yachts. Bristol is reknowned for their quality and craftsmen resulting in beautiful and strong and gorgeous yachts. One of our clients wanted a big yacht for himself and his wife, but with his minimal sailing experience and short crew, he needed a yacht that really would take care of him. There was no finer yacht available than this on. It was a great pleasure to make sure that he and wife got the right vessel to realize their dreams. RogueWave managed the transport of the vessel to California and supported all of the commissioning and decommissioning. The couple is very pleased to have the nicest yacht in their yacht club. It really is a pleasure to sell a yacht of this caliber to people that match that caliber in every way!

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image

47' Stevens Cutter 1981

The world renowned design firm of Sparkman & Stevens borrowed from over 60 years plus of designing the world's greatest ocean sailing vessels, if Bolero, Running Tide, Tenanous, Brillant, plus eight America's Cup Winners, to name but just a few. "Raven", then named Rubaiyat, was featured in the November, 1997 issue of Cruising World Magazine, for traveling into "The Wilds of Borneo's Heart of Darkness", sailing up the Crocodile River into jungles and rain forest of Borneo, Indonesia during a four-year circumnavigation. "Raven" is a perfect example of a classic world cruising design and is one of the best designed, built sailing vessels under 50 feet sailing the oceans of the world today. RogueWave listed and sold "Raven" for a gentleman who appreicated our knowledge and expertise. We we pleased to sell this yacht in less than three months for the asking price! What a beauty.

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image

44' Taswell Pilothouse 2000, Taswell 49, 43 by Rod Dickson

This beautiful boat was hull #2 of Taswell 44 new design. I knew the boat very well as RogueWave consulted on the installation of the equipment. When a serious sailing couple came to me to ask what boat they should move up to from their Morgan 44, the answer was clear. They bought this beautiful well equipped yacht and RogueWave sold their Morgan within two weeks. We helped the new owners deliver their new Taswell from Annapolis MD to their home port in Tampa FL.

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image

55' Northwind Center Cockpit

A neighbor at our marina stopped by one day to talk about the boat he really wanted. He had a Stevens 47 and wanted to upgrade to something a little bigger, better, faster and more comfortable. A Hallberg-Rassy was a perfect choice but too expensive for him, so we suggested a Northwind 55 Center Cockpit with a hard dodger. The perfect boat was in Monaco! We flew over to buy the boat and I helped him sail it back in the ARC in 2000. We finished in the middle of the pack and had a great time. RogueWave, of course sold the Stevens 47 which had to be retreived from the islands. We delivered it around Cape Hatteras during a stormy passage. We arrived safe in Annapolis where she was sold.

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image

38' Little Harbor 1981 Ted Hood

What a pleasure it was to sell this lovely lady for my neighbor. We shared a love and passion for fine yachts and a dream of sailing a true offshore capable yacht. We've sold four of these beautiful classic sailing vessels. One gentleman who owned a Little Harbor is absolutely the finest. RogueWave took great pride in selling the Little Harbor 38 and helping this client acquire a beautiful Valiant 42. Little Harbor is among the finest of builders and Ted Hood designs some of the most successful designs for competitive club racing and for family cruising. Her current owner is very happy with this lovely yacht as is here past owner with his new Valiant 42. RogueWave has sold four of these LH38s in the past. A great classic.

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image

51' Hylas Center Cockpit Sloop designed by German Frers

It was a great pleasure to have the opportunity to represent the owner of this Hylas 51 exhibits the latest in offshore hull design. We met them in Charleston cruising the East Coast. After listing the yacht with firm X for six months without results, the owner contacted RogueWave and we brought two offers and sold her! It's no wonder. The Hylas 51 is the result of leading edge thinking inspired by today's offshore racing designs. A classic German Frers' design, she has a high proud bow and ample beam carried aft deliver power and speed in a seaway while her fiberglass construction offers bullet proof strength. Roguewave actually sold this yacht a second time and she's being outfitted for crewed charter in the Caribbean. It's no wonder, she is a beauty.

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image

42 Pearson 424

When people ask us what is the best boat they can buy to go cruising on a moderate budget, the Pearson 424 is one of our top picks. Between the years 1978 and 1983, the Pearson Yacht in Bristol RI turned out 225 of these Bill Shaw-designed cruisers. They were ketch rigged, sloop rigged and 10 percent of them were cutter-rigged. They are admired for their handsome appearance, passagemaking capability and payload capacity. While several have circumnavigated, many, many more serve as their owners' winter retreat in the Caribbean. Reeling off the miles in comfort, the 424 turns in respectable 170-mile days. We've sold many of these and we love finding a really nice on like Obsession and finding her a great new home.

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image

Bristol Channel Cutter (BCC) 28' built by Sam Morse designed by Lyle Hess

What a joy to sell, to sail, to look at, and enjoy. We have had the great pleasure of owning and sailing TWO of these beauties Aloha and Indigo, pictured. We owned them both at the same time. We fell in love with Indigo and we bought her to put her in the Annapolis Boat Show in 2005! It was a wonderful experience. We might have met you there. In the past ten years, we've sold fourty-six BCCs! Mostly because we know them and we love them. Most were factory finished at Sam L. Morse in Costa Mesa, CA. In 2002, Aldonza #86, Caylin #94, Aloha #95, Surprise #103 twice!, and Tortuga #87. In the year 2003, we have sold another eight (Murlette, Misty #6, Sirius, Paragon, Itchen, Xiphias, Jolie Brise, Bucephalus). In 2004, another three (Sirius, Vincent Rose, Sadie, besides five Falmouth Cutters and six NorSea 27. In 2005 so far we've sold Two Loose #105, and Sadie#104. Since then, we've sold so many more beautiful BCCs. We look foreward to continuing to support the BCC community. We continue to sail them and deliver them and enjoy them. We love selling them because they are special. Of course we can do a much better job if we are the Central Agent, but we also sell the ones listed by other brokers (why would anyone do that?). We've sold a few for sale by owner, too. (Not too many people want to buy a boat from the owner.) We have sold them all! These are very, very special yachts which few brokers understand. The BCC is just about the most expensive 28 foot yacht that money can buy. They are worth every penny and they can actually increasing in value if you care for them properly. If you want to buy or sell a BCC, there is no other brokerage that can represent you with the same level of knowledge coupled with passion for this rare beauties. We'd love to help you move in or out of your Bristol Channel Cutter. Our goal is to sell every single one of them at least once!

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image

Falmouth Cutter 22, Sam L. Morse built, Lyle Hess Design

We love the little sister to the Bristol Channel Cutter. There are about 41 of them in the world and many have cruised far. Most were delivered without an inboard engine and many have an outboard, some sailed far with no engine at all! You'll find them anywhere. Many actaully have a trailer too. This one we did not sell, but the picture is so sweet. We've sold about five of them just because we love them.

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image

NorSea 27, Lyle Hess design built by Montgomery Boats

If you want to cruise the best cruising grounds in the world and you don't have time to sail to each one, you'll likely join the crowd of NorSea 27 owners. These tough little critters are found in the most amazing places, like big square states in the middle of the country, and the go to windward at about 60 mph! We've sold so lots of them and you won't find another trailerable boat that we would tell you can cross an ocean in. So go to Maine, the Chesapeake, the Keys, Bahamas, Sea of Cortez, Pacific Northwest, and the Great Lakes. Go small, go simple, go now!


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