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RogueWave Passages

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image

We here at RogueWave deliver many boats for Seller and Buyers. Having to deliver a Valiant is extra special to us because we own one, a new Valiant 42 and also have owned one of the last Valiant 40’s built for many a years many years ago. On a recent delivery just this past February, Ciboney as she’s called is a 1996 Valiant 42 hull number 121, she was waiting for us at Crown Bay Marina, St. Thomas. The Owners asked us to pick her up where she is and take her to Annapolis to sell. We were promised that she would be in “turn key” and “ocean ready” condition. She definitely was.

The delivery crew for this voyage was to be me and my Partner Kate, and Val and Lisa, Owners of Rising Star, Valiant 40 #294. The trip was going to be broken up into two legs, the first being Leg 1, from St. Thomas straight to Cape Canaveral, Florida some 1147 miles away. Leg 2 from the Cape to Annapolis.

We left St Thomas that Monday morning after clearing out. Under clear blue skies we got on our 315* heading and started with this death roll of downwind sailing in light SE airs for the next 36 hours. The skies started to fill in with clouds, squalls appeared one after the other packing some 40 kt winds with driving rain, then the wind started to clock to SW, then W, then NW and finally N/ENE in a roaring fury. Winds picked up to a true 30 to 35 knots where they stayed for the next 5 days. Seas built to a solid 10 to 12 feet. The DR and PR had a major weather front hit them. So under double reef main, full staysail and small working jib, we beat, beat and beat some more. One 800 mile starboard tack with the wind at about 70* aft of the bow. We pasted Navidad/Silver and Mouchoiur Banks, which is the winter playgrounds for the entire North Atlantic Humpback Whale Herd. We spotted several blowing water and having their majestic tails slip deep into the ocean. Then past the Turks and Caicos Islands, south of Rum Key and then around Cape St Maria on Long Island’s North Tip on to Georgetown, Exumas. So after some 800 miles, five days all on one tack, we all arrived in Georgetown, Exumas. We dropped the hook, showered, drank, slept, saw Lepidus, a recent Valiant 42 which we just sold to Paula and Larry of Oklahoma, then up the Exuma Sound then inside through Galliott Cut and up the inside Chain to Highborne for the run across the Yellow Banks to Nassau, then past Chub, across the Great Bahama Bank under a Full Moon and a dead calm, and across the Stream with absolutely no wind with some thirty spinner dolphins jumping everywhere. Ciboney arrived in Oriental, NC and was sold four days later.

The Valiant 42 is the best sea boat under fifty foot that there is. Ciboney is turn key and all systems worked properly. For the money, there is none finer. Stats for the delivery are: 1847 miles total, 303 hours under way total, total fuel burned for the trip including two hours a day for the genset which powered the battery charger and refrig/freezer was 130 gallons total, total engine time was 153 hours which was all of the last mileage from Chub to Florida and partially up the ICW.

A great adventure. That is why we here at RogueWave sail. We made good friends, sailed a great sea boat, tested our abilities and seamanship once again, got to know the boat so that we can represent her better and chalked up another adventure for the memoirs. We feel very fortunate that we’re able to call our passion our work and our work our passion. We are here for you.

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image RogueWave is a unique brokerage and consulting firm in large part because we sail. We started it all with our HR53 Solstice equipped with every component to enable seamless communication, we manage to run the business and sail. So we sail every chance we get and we look forward to mentoring our friends and clients. Now, whatever boat we sail, we find our friends in every harbor.

West Marine Bermuda Cup

One of the best cruises was the fun cruising race from Norfolk to Bermuda. We had a great time with great people. We had a great party aboard Solstice!

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image Winter 2005-06, Aloha Winter Cruise.

On Dec 7th, we left Annapolis with snow on the boat and sailed 4,000 miles! Although we did come back four times to take care of business, we actually made down the East Coast, across the Okachobee to the Gulf of Mexico, to Key West, to Marathon, to Nassua, the Exumas, and back across the stream to make landfall North of Charleston. We recommend the trip! It was a great voyage in a small seaworthy boat! Aloha, BCC #95 was refit in 2004-05 with everything imaginable including the SSB, laptop, and installed sat phone. Great trip!

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image Channel Islands 2005 S/V "Indigo", Bristol Channel Cutter #113, Sam L. Morse

When we saw Indigo in Mates "Best" we loved her. When we saw her in Newport, we could not resist. We bought Indigo to put her in the Boat Show for the Sam L. Morse Co. Of course we had to sail the Channel Islands befor shipping her to the East Coast to our favorite boatyard in Deltaville VA.

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image Santa Cruz 2005 S/V "Indigo"

We had a wonderful adventure sailing from Catalina to Oxnard, to Santa Cruz. It was spectacular! From the beautiful "anchorages" with towering cliffs to the sea life, dolphines and fish and birds. It is an amazing place to sail.

We decommissioned Indigo and shipped her home. Come see her and us at the Annapolis Boat Show.

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image

Panama Canal, Colon to Panama City, on GOSI, Valiant 42 owned by our dear friends Barb and Tom. 2004

Bernie and I were "line handlers" and we had an amazing adverture. It was a great experience going through the Gatun Locks, across Gatun Lake, and through the Miraflores to the Balboa Yacht Club and La Playita! It is a great place to visit even if you never sail througth!

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image

Anacortes, Washington Early Spring 2005 through the San Juan and Gulf Islands, on Misty, Hull 5 of the rock solid Sam L. Morse built, Lyle Hess designed Bristol Channel Cutters, better known as the BCC28.

A young gentleman from Minneapolis, Minnesota has dreamed about owning a BCC28 for many years. He called us late last year and asked us to “help him pull the trigger” and “make the jump”. Which he did. One condition of the sale was to help him commission the yacht, teach him to sail her and then, decommission her for her journey overland to Lake Superior where she will live till he decides to venture further. We left Anacortes in 20 knots of wind and under sunny skies, and for the next ten days, not a drop of rain fell in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We sailed and anchored in same coves tucked deep inside islands, and no a boat was in sight, for it was still early in the sailing season there. Ten days of seeing the Cascades, the Olympic Range and all the way into British Columbia; living up to our code of ethics and fulfilling RogueWave’s promise. This promise is the reason why Kate and Bernie serve the sailing community.

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image

Annapolis to Robinhood, somewhere in Maine, offshore, in a one of the best of the best, my Valiant 40, hull number 282, named Solstice. Less than four days, none stop for the entire run.

A friend decided to move up from a BCC28, and purchased my Valiant 40 Solstice, which I have owned and loved for the past eight years. As a proper good bye and change of the helm, I sailed her with her proud new owner non stop from Annapolis to Maine. The Valiant is the offshore cruiser of the decade, in fact, the past three decades. There is nothing that comes close in the forty foot range, that offers the sailor comfort, speed, safety, and grace. The Valiant will always be one of my all time favorite designs. Thank you Bob Perry.

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image

Annapolis to New England, offshore on Hull number 103 of the Lyle Hess designed Sam L. Morse built, Bristol Channel Cutter, better known as the BCC 28. 2003

A close friend and repeat client asked us to help deliver his new found love to New England. Under sunny skies, and a following sea, it was a spinnaker run of 280 miles, from Cape May to the Salt Pond on Block Island. No rain, no gear failure; just great wind, great company, all on an incredible boat. This is sailing. Sailing a BCC is the purest form of sailing there is, with a true cutter rig and tiller steering, one will be one with the art of the sea while riding the wind.

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image

Lelystad, The Netherlands to the Mediterranean Coast of Spain, on a beautiful BSI Farr 50, July 2002.

A close friend and repeat client, from Boston, asked us to help deliver his new Farr 50, which RogueWave found for him. We left the inland lakes of the Netherlands, sailed out across the North Sea, past the White Cliffs of Dover, across the English Channel and the Bay of Biscay, then down the Atlantic Coast of Spain and Portugal, and then through the gateway to the Med; the Straights of Gibraltar. Fifteen hundred miles on a beautiful boat, with a great crew, all adding up to an incredible adventure. This is why we run RogueWave Yacht Sales.

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image Lyle Hess Rendezvous 2004

April 17th in Oakland California, owners of Lyle Hess designs...Nor'Sea 27 and Bristol Channel Cutters will gather. We all appreicate the late Lyle Hess for his genious and unique way of packing everything neatly in a small package. We'll be there!

On the Chesapeake, we hope to have a similar gathering in the fall. Just counting the Bristol Channel Cutters and the Nor'Sea we've sold,we have quite a group. You'll probably see us in or around Annapolis in September.

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image Downeast! Maine and Nova Scotia.

Last summer we had a great trip to Maine and braved the fog. Hey, once you survive for a few days you start to enjoy the challenge. You just need really good navigation equipment. In every anchorage and in every quite little village, we met people we know. We visited so many boats we've sold and even found people we've only spoken with on the phone. We made lots of friends and had a great time.

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image The North Sea and the Baltics!
Bernie actually sailed Indigo single hand to Newport RI in early May of 2008 making a 150 mile day off the coast. Then he put her on a ship and flew to meet the ship in Denmark and sail her to the new owners home in Scandinavia. What and adventure from warm light breezes one day to gale forth wind the next. From quiet man made marinas to dodging FAST ferries. It was the adventure of a lifetime. He'll tell you all about it!
At RogueWave, we strive to make our passion our life and our life our passion. We love sailing and we are a unique brokerage and consulting firm in large part because we sail! Our recent adventures include the deliveries of the several more boats from New England to Annapolis this year. Nothing as exciting as Indigo.

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image Several years ago, the crew at RogueWave were invited to deliver the Hallberg Rassy 42 “Asylum” from the Eastern Side of Puerto Rico to West Palm Beach, Florida, then to Annapolis for the Owner. We found “Asylum” to be absolutely beautiful, incredibly well equipped and maintained, she is ready to enjoy and take anywhere, and reflects a proud and knowledgeable owner. There is no other Offshore Center Cockpit mid forty foot sailing vessel currently available today that matches her strengths, for she has no weaknesses at all.

We waited for the perfect weather window to leave; especially that Tropical Depression Odette just arrived when we did. Very rarely a Delivery Skipper gets onto a perfect boat, one where everything works and everything did work. I mean everything; she is a pure pleasure.

The first leg of our passage of 982 nautical miles took seven days exactly, all on one reach the entire way, with winds constantly in the 20 to 30 knot range with 6 to 8 foot seas running. We arrived well rested, well fed and with three quarters tank of diesel remaining, plus the autopilot steered her the entire distance. This Yacht sails wonderfully, is extremely comfortable, and most importantly, is solid and safe.

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image The Sea of Cortez, an unspoiled, unexplored, almost virgin wonderland. It is a hard place to get to from the East Coast, but it was Kate's big birthday, so we had to charter a small Beneteau there through the Moorings. It is remote and wild with big rocks. It was cold and windy and wonderful. We had a dolfine visit us on New Year's Eve and it was unforgettable. Hope to get back there somehow.
Don't miss this place.

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image Thailand, the South China Sea, the Pi Pi Islands, really nice people, and a strong friendly economy. Bernie actually did go there to sell the Bristol Channel Cutter Xphias for Sir Christopher Edwards. It is a sailing place beyond, where lots of people go and don't ever leave. I can see why! It doesn't get better than this. Bernie did come back eventually!


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