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RogueWave Heros!

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image We have a lot of heros in our life, and sometimes they are ordinary folks who just work hard to make things happen.

This is the Lift Crew at Port Annapolis Marina, the guys that move our boats from point A to point B and back again. They are our heros that make it all happen for us here at RogueWave. No man is an island unto themselves. We all need someone, like it or not. From port to starboard; it's Don, Gary, Jim, and Elmo. A great bunch of guys and fun to work with. Thanks guys.

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image RogueWave is a unique brokerage. We are passionate about boats and people. We love what we do because to the people and the boats we meet!

There are so many wonderful stories we have to share about the heroes who dared to fulfill the dream. These are a few.

Channel Cutter Sails to Alaska!

Ron lives in Alaska and dreamed of owning a beautiful boat he could sail with son. He bought the Channel Cutter "Morning Star", in Portland OR, and sent us this picture taken by a fishman friend as he neared his home port. Nice Shot!

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image Morgan 42 "Sea Cloud" Sails Home to Ireland!

Our brokerage seems to be without boundaries and more than once, faraway clients have found their dream boat at Ralph was working in the middle east and needed something to look forward to. He bought "Sea Cloud" then arrived in April to sail her across the North Atlantic arriving home safe and sound.

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image Sea Cloud arrived in Plymouth England UK! Very cool. And Sea Cloud is not the only RogueWavelette out there crossings oceans!

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image Elsha at dawn

So many people dream of sailing away on Steve Blacks Caribbean 1500 to get down the Islands and sail and play in the sun and the sea. Lloyd bought the Amazon 37 "Elsha" and did it! He ended up singlehanding around the Islands and then sailed to Bermuda and back to Annapolis. So many people never do it! He's made the heros list.

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image This is Barb and Tom Schafer on the Valiant 42 named "Gosi", now in New Zealand. They left Annapolis in 2003 after very successful careers. Barb taught nursing, Tom ran a non-profit HMO and was a terrible Dentist (as is Mother always said). Their first boat was a Island Packet 35. These guys are one cool couple.....definitely our heros....the picture was taken while exploring Panama City after helping them get Gosi through the Panama Canal. Barb and Tom are living in New Zealand, refitting their Valiant 42 Gosi and getting ready to go again to have adventures in the South Pacific.

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image Heros! These folks Dan and Sue are heros. They grabbed life together, bought a beautiful Bob Perry designed Norseman 447 (already a circumnavigator) and made a new home in the USVI. We found them there when we sailed in last winter with a couple other hero friends. Dan and Sue have a couple cottages to rent on St. Johns and sail Shakti in the Caribbean. Life is good!

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."
- Mark Twain

The boat doesn't really matter, does it. (Quality over quantity, we always say.)


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