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Valiant Yachts

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Valiant! A Great Bluewater Boat!

There is a reason we sail a new Valiant 42, there's a reason why we sailed a Valiant 40 for many years! After 30 years in continous production, Valiant remains a proven bluewater voyager for single handers and couples. It is amazing that the Valiant 40 was designed in 1973! A very young Robert H. Perry (who just happens to be our good friend "Bob") actually created something really "new" with his modern underbody, long cruising fin keel and skeg-hung rudder. It was a bold departure, almost radical at the time, from the popular heavy displacement designs of the 70s. Indeed, the Valiant became the first "performance cruiser". That performance was quickly demonstrated by the ocean racers of the 80s with the Singlehand Trans-Atlantic races and the BOC Challenge. When Mark Schrader set the world record for the fastest circumnavigation beneath all five southern capes, the capabilities of the Valiant 40 was proven. What is truly amazing is that this proven ocean racer then became the most desireable choice for a cruising couple or solo sailor. The reason is that the Valiant provides the ultimate combination of strength, stability, performance, safety, and comfort. In 1997, the Valiant was recognized with its induction into the American Sailboat Hall of Fame for its contribution as a vessel that has profoundly influenced the sport of sailing and by its sheer excellence, has made sailing better!

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Come Inspect this Wonderful Valiant 42!

RogueWave specializes in true offshore, ocean going sailing vessels and we are tremendously proud to have this beautiful Valiant 42 available for demonstration. We've owned quite a few amazing bluewater boats larger and smaller. We owned a Valiant 40 and two other Bob Perry designs. From experience, we can tell you that a Valiant 42 is a perfect boat for a couple to sail because it is easily short handed. You can go anywhere! Around the world or just here and there and everywhere in between. The design is magnificent, the construction is bulletproof, the sailing characteristics are phoenominal in light and heavy conditions. And you can have every comfort, every safety feature, and all the modern sailing navigation and communications equipment. We invite you to come see this beautiful complete vessel ready for you to sail away. Why wait for yours to be built! Just take advantage of our experience!

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image

Considering a New Valiant?

Take Advantage of Our Experience! With 30 years of successful production, Valiant Yachts has evolved the process to the point where each Valiant is semi custom. Not only can you choose from several layouts, the deck mold allows for placement of hatches and the interior design allows for selection of many, many "custom" features. There are some very important considerations involved in every aspect of the process. We specified customizations based on years of boat ownership and miles at sea. We had this Valiant 42 built to show you what a true blue water boat looks like completely equipped for voyaging. Most Dealers have a very stripped down boat for your to see. This boat is fully equipped the way you will want your Valiant. So, why not take advantage of our experience. We researched every single peice of equipment and we have reasons for everything we did, or did not do. We can point out the value of every feature and option. You can buy this boat and truly benefit from our experience. If you desire to build your own Valiant, we would love to provide our expertise as your consultant as you order and specify your own new Valiant. Why not take advantage our our experience. Call us. 410 571 2955.

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Commissioning Your Valiant

RogueWave Yacht Sales provides consultation, project management, and support through every aspect of commissioning your Valiant. Ship your new boat right to Annapolis, MD, the sailing capitol of the East Coast. We will assist you with the entire process of commissioning your boat. We can assist with full commissioning, sea trials, and even calibration which would take you a lont time without our expertise and experience. Let us help you get your new boat up and running. It can take longer than you think. There was a learning curve involved that you may not anticipate. We've explored the capabilities of the newest state of the art navigation systems both Furuno NavNet, NorthStar and B&G as well as our Sirius Weather, AIS, APRA, Iridium and Fax. We definately help you get your Valiant optimized much more quickly. We have all the resources right here in Annapolis. We are standing by to help.

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image

Let us Help You Buy a Used Valiant

We can help you find the very best boat you can own. Though our experience of owning many fine sailing vessels and selling more than 24 Valiant 40s and 42s and two Valiant 50s, we know just about everything about Valiants. We have inspected and surveyed many Valiants. We have delivered many Valiants far! We've had some of our best voyages delivering Valiant long distances. Our experience and our passion make us especially capable of helping you buy a used Valiant. We are truly a unique brokerage and consulting firm. We are standing by to help and advise as to which boat to buy, how to upgrade her, and how to maintain her. We can help you rig the boat and learn to sail her safely and swiftly. Gosh, we helped friends get through the Panama Canal with their Valiant. And, Bernie even delivered the V42 Silent Passage from Barrington RI to Norfolk in February to help the new owner get started on his winter adventure. We sailed the Valiant 42 Ciboney from the Caribbean in February! How many Brokers would do that? Crazy. No other yacht brokerage knows and loves these boats as we do. Let us represent you. Gain from our expertise.

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image

Selling Your Valiant

RogueWave Yacht Sales has sold more Valiant 40s and 42s within the last two years, than any other brokerage firm including ALL of the Valiant Dealers put together. For us, it is very personal. We know Valiants and we love them. We certainly know how to present them to the world and how to get them ready for their next owner. We sell so many because we also offer incredible service and assistance to the new owners. When the time comes to sell your Valiant we will be here for you. We can make it easy for you. Just call us and we can take care of everything for you. We just picked up Ciboney in the USVI and brought her back to sell, which she did instantly. Just a few of the Valiant 42s sold by RogueWave, include Ciboney, Fram, Tigress, Silent Passage, Odin, Apogee, Loverlee, Saving Grace, Entheos, soon more! The Valiant 40s include Marah Blake, Ptarmigan, Bernie's old Solstice, Haishu, Lantana. We even sold two Valiant 50s Engelenbak, and Venia. We would consider it an honor to represent you in the sale of your Valiant. Call us at 410 571 2955.

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image

RogueWave Hosted Valiant Rendezvous 2008

Thanks for coming! We were so pleased to host the Valiant Rendezvous on the water in Luce Creek, at RogueWave Yacht Sales. It was so much fun. We had four V42s, a V47, and V40. Everyone enjoyed sharing and learning from each other and of course seeing everyone's boat and appreciating all the little nuances of Valiant cultism. We look forward to next fall October is the best time on the Chesapeake! By land or sea, we hope to have you all show up next year at RogueWave Yacht Sales.


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