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Bristol Channel Cutter!

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Sam L. Morse Bristol Channel Cutter

In the bluewater sailing revolutionary time of the 1970, Lyle Hess designed a special boat for Larry Pardey, Serrafyn! The rest is history. Lyle based the design on the proven designs of the English pilot cutters that plied the rough waters of the English Channel waiting to pilot the merchant ships into port. The Bristol Channel Cutter built by Sam L. Morse Co has become a small blue water vessel of ledgendary stature, and for good reason! Lyle Hess got it absolutely right when he designed the BCC 28 for Sam L. Morse to build out of the new boat building Material, fiberglass. Lyle's genious is evident from the 127 BBCs built at the Sam L. Morse Co. between 1976 and 2008. The BCC was featured in Ferenc Mate's first Volume of "The Best Boats to Buy or Build and in his two later volumes of "The World's Best Sailboats". This boat is an amazing small and capable voyager with a cult group of passionate owners, many of whom are now scattered around the world. We know because we've owned two Bristol Channel Cutters and we've sold 46 of them in many corners of the world.

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image

"Aloha" #95 Our Small Voyager

Aloha was our own 1991 BCC. In preparation for a cruise South, we refit Aloha to bristol condition and updated her with all new electronics, SSB with Proctor III Modem, Radar, Chart Plotter, New VHF, Hot Water and Shower, Globalstar phone, and just about everything we needed to sail far in comfort and in constant communication. We had the time of our life! Voyaging on Aloha was incredibly fun and she was tough and capable in every condition and going many places the bigger boats can not go! Many new BBC owners are now refitting older vessels and enjoying the same adventures we did.

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image

Sailing A Bristol Channel Cutter

Over the past eight years, RogueWave has sold 46 Bristol Channel Cutters! We've sailed and delivered them in just about every ocean. Bernie has delivered quite a few BCCs single handed. There is something very special about the way an channel cutter sails. With 28 feet on deck, she has the sail plan of a 38 foot boat! The long waterline of 26'3" and the incredible shape of her full keel has a reat deal to do with her speed, tracking, and comfort. The underbody is just about the prettiest thing you will ever see with with a plumb bow and fine entry with its beautiful lifting sections aft and perfectly squared off transom. Sailors who are lucky enough to sail a BCC find them pretty irresistable. For single-handers or small people, like me, the boat is a perfect boat to sail solo. Everything is of human scale and no task is difficult. The wide side decks and high bulwarks make the boat safe and secure. No wonder many people find this a perfect boat to learn to sail on. There is nothing complicated and nothing overwhelming. Just sweet.

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image

The Lyle Hess Tribute in 2004

RogueWave Yacht Sales sponsored and organized the Lyle Hess Tribute of 2004 and the Chesapeake Rendezvous of 2002. Lyle Hess lived to 91 and he was designing great boats until is later years. He was an amazing person and a great natural talent. We celebrated his acheivements with a grand gathering and party and Vera's White Sands on St. Leonard's Creek up the Patuxent River in MD. It was a fabulous event! We had about five BCCs and five Nor'Sea 27 including the very boat "Kristina". There were 53 people including the Bristol Channel Cutters, Nor'Sea 27, and a fleet of Montgomery 17s also designed by Lyle Hess.

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image

Bristol Channel Cutter Rendezvous on the Chesapeake

Our first RogueWave BCC Rendezvous was a great success with seven BCCs sailing from Annapolis to Tripp Creek near Oxford MD. It was a wonderful sight and a great photo opportunity. We all rafted up and spent hours touring each other's boat to inspect all the nuances and get inspired. We had perfect weather! We gotta do it again soon. When you get your BCC, you gain an instant family of passionate people.

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image

From Alaska to Thailand

Everywhere we travel, we find a Bristol Channel Cutter. They are in every corner of the world. We recently traveled through the Panama Canal and stayed at the Marriot beside the Balboa Yacht Club. Look what we found outside our window! A fellow Bristol Channel Cutter owner, the owner of the famous Nereus. Xiphias was Roger's first BCC which he sailed to Thailand in the late 80s. Later Roger owned the Sam L. Morse Co and built Nereus with everything he ever wanted. He gave us an autographed copy of his book! Infact, Bernie went to Thailand where Xiphias was and sold her for the Owner.


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