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Modern High Caliber Voyagers

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Today's Modern World Voyagers

Times are changing and the modern high caliber crusing vessel is a little different that the traditional cruisers of the past. Modern designers like German Frers, Chuck Paine, Robert Perry, Carl Schumacher, Bruce Farr and others have refined the hull shapes and used modern construction techniques and materials to create modern voyagers that sail fast, motor fast, and which provide amazing accommodations.

If your visions calls for more animal sailing characteristics and more creature comforts, and less exterior maintenance, and amazing load carrying capabilities, and IF your budget allows, you can buy an amazing high caliber ocean voyager built for purpose to go anywhere. You can have water tight bulkheads, a walk in engine room, dedicated lockers for sails and all the things you need. Using mechanical, hydraulic, and electric advantages you can, as a couple, sail a 55 foot boat around the world. Our Hallberg Rassy 53, was such a yacht. She was a beautiful German Frers design built by one of the worlds best builders. We can help you find your modern voyager! Call us. We definately appreciate what money can buy! Beautiful boats.

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What Boat Should I Buy?

And.... why should you pay 2.5 million when a million will give you every thing you need, everything you could wish for, and resale value!!

We are proud to have helped our clients find amazing vessels. We have sold every one of these high quality capable, modern sailing voyagers. The designers and the builders turn out yachts that are second to none. These vessels are beautiful at anchor and amazing to sail.

We have sold several Apogee 51, Little Harbor 53, Hallberg Rassy 53, 46 and 43, Oyster 56, Northwind 55, Farr 50, Bowman 48, Taswell 49, Swan 48, Outbound 44 and a dozen others truly modern world voyagers.

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image

German Frers

We love Frers designs! We owned a Hallberg Rassy 53 and she sailed like a wizard in light air and hardly noticed 35 knots in the ocean. Frers designs for several production builders including Hallberg-Rassy, Nautor Swan, and very popular Hylas. We'd love to help you find a great sailing voyager that is a modern platform to cruise the world. For cruising the world, a Hallberg Rassy, Frers designed vessel is an amazing choice. We know because we owned one. We've sold a lot of them. The Hylas is a great sailing boat and definately and option when you want that nice aft stateroom layout and all the space in the world. The Swan is for those of you who really want to go fast and have lots of money! Amazing vessel.

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image

Chuck Paine

How about Chuck Paine's incredible eye. He surely draws some of the most beautiful boats ever seen. We love Chuck Paine designs and we sold lots of them. We love the little ones, the Morris 36 and 38. And we really love the big ones, the Morris 46/48. Morris Yachts builds a beautiful boat. These modern voyagers are beautifully desinged, incredibly well engineered, and extremely well built. Paine's cruisers are of moderate draft with medium displacement. They are very stable and very fast cruising yachts. We love these boats if you can afford to own one. Some are one of a kind, like that beautiful French & Webb 75 and the Kanter 65 you saw at the Annapolis Boat Show.

Cabo Rico has taken advantage of Chuck Paines talent to design a new Cabo Rice 42 and 56. These are great boats!

Working with builders like Lyman Morse and Bowman and Kanter, you can't go wrong. We'd love to help you find that really high caliber, special, modern voyanging yacht and it just might be a Chuck Paine design. We've sold a handful of these incredible beautiful high-end world voyagers that include Paine's design for the Bougainvillea/Apogee Series off offshore cruisers. We sold "Enterprise" the Apogee 51 pictured TWICE! Awesome boats they are.

RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services Inc. image

Fast Modern Voyagers!

When you look for swift modern cruisers you have to look to the designers of the race boats. Carl Schumacher designed a lot of race boats and he designed the Outbound 44/46 and 54/56. A couple came to visit us and after they talked about their sailing style and requirements, oh and their budget, there was just one boat for them! Yep. An Outbound 44.

Another client came to us. He owned a Beneteau 473 and he wanted a high quality great sailing vessel to cruise the Med with his family. A Farr 50, Bruce Farr desing, was the ticket. An amazing pilothouse voyager.

Maybe you want more performance and speed. You maybe don't relish varnishing much. Maybe you want an interior that is light and bright and laylaid out for a couple with occasional guests. Let us help you find the best boat you can own to meet your needs and your budget.

How about the amazing Deerfoot we are listing. Now that is a modern cruising boat way ahead of its time designed by Steve Dashew. Check that out!

Maybe you just need a bigger boat and even if you don't have a million to spend, let us help your find that perfect voyager to take you where you want to go.


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