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Traditional Cruising Vessels

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Tradition Cruising Vessels -Our Passion

We love and appreciate traditional yacht designs of the past, present, and future. If you own a beautiful traditional sailing vessel we are the very best brokerage to help you sell your boat when that time comes. We have owned and sailed so many of these wonderful boats. We appreciate the great designers the 70s, 80s and 90s from Bill Crealock, Carl Alberg, Bob Perry, Ted Hood, Al Mason, Phil Rhodes, John Alden, Robert Harris, Ron Stevens, Bill Dixon, Charlie Morgan, Joe Adams, Robert Harris, and others like Lyle Hess, Angelo Lavronos, Joe Adams, William Shaw and all the others who have contributed to these great boats. We've owned almost too many and we've sold hundreds and have sailed most of them and many we've sailed far. If you own a great traditional sailing vessel we are the very best firm to represent you and if you are looking for the very best boat you can own, we are the consultants to help. We know and appreciate the beauty of these bluewater sailing vessels and understand the build quality, design characteristics and their strenghts and weaknesses. We have our favorites, or course. And buying an older traditional boat requires special care throughout the entire process. Take advantage of our expertise. We can help you find a really good traditional cruising vessel. Call us to chat about boats.

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Robert H. Perry, Yacht Designer and his Incredible Cruising Vessels

When you look at all of the cruising boats that actually go somewhere, Bob Perry wins the prize. It may have started with the Valiant, but Bob went on to design so many great bluewater sailing vessels. After great success with the Islander, Perry got hired to design CT yachts built by TaChaio in Tawain. He designed so many boats for Asian builders and they a morphed and blurred to the point where almost every one of them has Robert Perry's name attached. One of the biggest successes was the Tayana 37 first built by Ta Yang. There were over 700 built! Later Bob designed the magnificant Tayana 52. He designed the whole TaShing family of boats from the Baba 30, Norseman 447, Flying Dutchman 35, Baba 40 (Panda 40), Tashiba 40, Tashiba 36, Tashiba 31, all built by the very successful and very very good Ta Shing yard. TaShing went on to built the Taswells 43 and 49, designed by Bill Dixon, based on Perry's Norseman 447. Bob Perry had a hand in almost every Taiwainese-built boat including Choey Lee 35 and LaFitte 44. Then later Perry designed the Passport 40 built at the King Dragon yard. Then the Passport 37 and 47, eventually built by South Coast yard in Taipei. This great builder also built Nordhavn power boats. Robert H. Perry has earned a place in yacht design history with more of his designs "out there" than those of any other designer. We've had the pleasure to sell many many Bob Perry designs and a few of his special custom boats. We love our Bob Perry designs. We know them well. We know the quality and construction of those Taiwan yards. We want to guide you through the maze to find the best of Bob's best. Give us a call.

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Traditional Designs In Production

There are quite a few of the great builders still building some of these great designs. Tashing is building great boats today. We love our Bill Crealock Designs. What can you say about the man who designed the Westsail 32 and probably started the whole cruising vision. Over 700 Westsails were built and many of them still voyage far. The ultimate traditional vessel with a full keel and divided sail plan. Bill Crealock went on to become the desiger for Pacific Seacraft Yachts still in production to day. We've owned one Westsail and two Pacific Seacraft vessels. We've sold many. Pacific Seacraft makes some of the very best sailboats available. From the little Dana 24 to the 34 and 37,40 & 44, these vessels offer solid construction and seaworthy design. Carl Alberg deserves recognition as a father of traditional vessels including the Alberg 30 and 35, and Cape Dorys we love which are still built today by Robinhood Marine. We love these boats. We also recognize Bob Johnson for his amazng success with the Island Packets built that the thriving factory in Florida. Let us help you sell your bluewater boat. If you want a great traditional boat that is on the newer side, let us guide you through the selections.

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The Best Builders of the Hay Days

We'd love to introduce you to the best of the best boats. Ted Hood's Little Harbor, John G. Alden, Alden Yachts, Walter Shultz, Shannon Boats, Charlie Morgan, Morgan Yachts, and the great builders with their designers Tillot Pearson and Bill Shaw, Hans Christian and its designers, Al Mason's beautiful boats built by Pacific Asian Enterprises which still builds the Nordhavns today. These are beautiful timeless yachts of quality, character and substance. We love everything about these vessels from the design and construction to the sailing characteristics and the drop dead beauty. Let us help you buy or sell your traditional sailing yacht.

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Bluewater Boats You've Never Hear Of

RogueWave specializes in the boats that you've never heard of. We've helped people buy a great boat that was undervalued because no one every heard of it. Whether you are buying of selling, take advantage of our expertise. We have many happy clients whether cruisers now on a circumnavigation on a boat they could afford, or just living aboard in a wonderful marina community. We have just as many clients who are the sellers happy that some on finally appreciates their best keep secret. There are alot of good boats out there that could meet your needs, within your budget, so you can go and fulfill that dream of yours. Give us a call! This is what we do! We are really good at finding you the best boat you can possible have. Definately let us help! 410 571 2955!


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