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Red Line Marine Liquidators is a wholesaler that offers good clean used boats below market value, we do not buy bank repos or insurance boats, we buy super clean late model boats only, these are dealer trade ins on new boats. We do not negotiate because we have very low margins, we encourage buyers to hire a SAMS or NAMS accredited marine surveyor before closing on a purchase, we will address MAJOR ISSUES ONLY, issues over 2500 dollars, small items that EVERY survey comes up with to justify their fee will not be addressed, if that type of service isn't for you, please call a retailer, they have the margins to deal with all the little petty items real or made up we don't. You will pay substantially more for the same boat but if that appeals to you go for it. These are not distressed boats, again we only buy super clean late model boats. we make sure all our customers are repeat customers That only happens when people are happy with the experience they had with us.


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