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A repo that was neglected could easily cost you an additional 100k when you get her home to get her back to high standards, and then she will always perform like a neglegted vessel, there is also a permanent mark in her history with the coast guard so when you sell her what ever you think you saved will be lost. If someone wasn't making thier payments it is safe to assume they were not changing their oil! Go price out a pair of new Diesel engines.

The total cost of ownership is the most deceiving part of owning a yacht, having worked for Cat, Cummins and Detroit Diesel I was fortunate enough to have learn from the best, as such when I buy a boat to resell her my reputation is on the line. Repeat customers and referrals come from people having great experiences with the boats that have met my very very high standards before I purchase them, We don't sell other people's boats we know nothing about. Like you we bought these boats with our hard earned money.

Every repo we have ever seen was a dog with fleas, the cost of ownership goes through the roof, one month a transmission pukes, next month the Generator siezes. Then before you know it you are replacing one of the neglegted engines, If you get 2 weekends in a row where nothing breaks it's a miracle, It never stops with a neglegted vessel, this is suppose to be fun and an outlet for your stress not another source of it!


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