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North South Yacht Sales is proud to be the FIRST yacht brokerage in Canada
Endorsed by the Certified Professional Yacht Brokerage program!

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photo of 43' North Pacific 43 Pilothouse
43' North Pacific 43 Pilothouse
2008 US$ 299,900

The North Pacific 43 with its pilothouse and trawler style design gives the yacht a bold go-anywhere look. There is no wood anywhere on the outside of the yacht, only stainless steel and fiberglass. This adds to the rugged look, but also lessens considerably the workload in maintaining these yachts. The hull mold is based on a proven 38' CHB hull with a 4' transom extension. The transom extension was made with a very hard chine and this with the 1600 lbs of ballast in the keel make the NP43 a very seaworthy yacht while cruising or at anchor.

The raised pilothouse is completely separate from the salon and above the staterooms adding extra interior space and making an excellent area to pilot the yacht from with great visibility. Its full beam salon and galley is large and can compare in size with many yachts in the 50' range. 

The hull is solid fiberglass at least 8.5mm (just over 1/3") on the upper sides and between 11.5mm (just over 3/7") to 18.5mm (just over /7") on the bottom and lower sides. There is no coring. A vinylester resin, as opposed to a cheaper polyester resin, is used on the outer layers of the hull. This resin helps to reduce the chance that blisters will form. Below the waterline is an epoxy barrier making blistering nearly impossible. Reinforcement is added with a molded FRP grid bonded throughout the hull bottom. Foam filled stringers, foam filled beams and extra support every 12 inches strengthen the heavy semi-displacement hull.

The superstructure is made of fiberglass with structural coring as required (Nida coring on the decks). The hull and superstructure are formed in two pieces and are joined with epoxy and bolted through, forming a strong bond that lasts. The factory uses a time consuming, hand-laid method of forming all the fiberglass that results in a strong, quality finished product that lasts.

Burning only 1.8-2GPH at 7kts the NP43 is also economical to operate and has a range of about 1200 nm with a 10% reserve.


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