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Rodman polyships are no newcomers to boating, with over 35 years experience constructing both pleasure craft and commercial ships for the navy, Rodman know how to ensure your safety at sea during the toughest of conditions.

Previously the Rodman Fisher and Cruiser series boats were constructed in Vigo, Northern Spain (where the Yacht and Muse range have remained), however following significant capital investment from the 3i group Rodman have constructed a purpose built shipyard in northern Portugal enabling them to further increase production of the Fisher and Cruiser series in order to supply demand of around 300 boats per year.

New production techniques have enabled Rodman to guarantee each boat they build with an unequaled 10 years structural warranty, further promoting the factories dedication to build quality. Each boat complies with CE certification that is approved by the Lloyds register of Quality Assurance GMBH notifying body.

If you are embarking on an overseas adventure looking to discover new cruising grounds or simply out for a days fishing, then there’s no better place to be than onboard a Rodman; Outstanding build quality, large safe walkaround side decks and 10 years structural warranty are only a few of the qualities you can rely upon as a proud owner of a Rodman.


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