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Introduction to Professional Boat Sales – Brokerage Services

Company Objective:

Our approach and objective is focused on building long-term relationships with our clients to serve as a valuable partner they can leverage over time to both find and sell boats and yachts, at a significant time and cost advantage. In representing both buyers and sellers, honesty and integrity are values we uphold in every relationship we build and transaction we close. We strive to earn your trust and repeat business by serving as an advisor and exceeding your expectations with exceptional service and support.

Location and Experience:

With a presence in the major East Coast yachting centers of Ft. Lauderdale, the Mid-Atlantic – including New Jersey and New York, and Newport/Boston, we can source and sell the largest selection and best priced yachts and boats globally, to both domestic and international clients.

Our team brings a unique diversity of experience with brokerage, sales and service of mega yachts, motor yachts and cruisers, sport fish, recreational and high performance boats.

Brokerage Services:

We deliver value as brokers in the presentation and sale of your yacht in a variety of areas including, but not limited to, the following:

- Advise on Fair Market Value: we do a comprehensive "position analysis" for every client to establish fair market value and ensure timely sale of your boat; we do this in part through our experience in the recent sale of similar boats, general market trends, industry standards for pricing and depreciation, and an honest evaluation of the boat's condition.

- Complete the Listing: We help you compile the necessary documentation and outline the boat's inventory in a way that highlights its most attractive features. At this point, we can identify possible problems and offer solutions to these problems. Accurate, thorough and well written listings that accentuate but don’t exaggerate a boat’s features are, we believe, the most effective presentation of our yacht listings.

- Respond and Show: by knowing your conditions for a sale, we can qualify responses for a realistic appraisal of whether or not the contact will lead to a potential sale. When showing the boat, we'll be able to point out its strengths and enhance its best features. Similarly, we offer possible solutions to problems. By dealing with the buyer honestly, we do more to make a buyer comfortable with the boat than if we or the owner were to resort to presenting half-truths and high-pressure sales tactics in an attempt to hide a boat's weaknesses.

- Facilitate Negotiations: too often, a transaction is nixed over a $500 item rather than a $5,000 difference in price. First, we can help the buyer and you reach an agreement on selling price, and then we can keep the small obstacles from becoming insurmountable problems. In cases where the buyer and seller disagree, we can use our position as a middleman to help restore reason to give the negotiations a chance to continue.

- Facilitate Financing, Transport, Surveys, Insurance, etc.: we provide in-house financing as well as strong relationships with the leading boat finance companies to facilitate financing for buyers, as well as relationships with leading boat transport companies, accredited marine surveyors and marine insurance agencies and carriers.

Once an offer is accepted, we can ease the process to finalize a transaction. This includes:

- Safeguard Funds: All licensed brokerages are required by state law to maintain an escrow account, in which the 10 percent earnest money from the buyer is deposited. This protects the seller's investment by ensuring that all money stays separate from the brokerage's operating capital.

- Promote Ethics: Every broker should either be or work for a licensed brokerage or dealership. The broker's position between buyer and seller places substantial ethical responsibility on him or her to ensure that both parties are treated honestly and fairly.

- Prepare Paperwork: To complete a transaction, the maze of paperwork can often be overwhelming and extremely time consuming. We assist in making sure all aspects of a deal are properly completed, from having all necessary documentation available, to the professional preparation of all required forms, to paying off an existing loan and on to the completion of the transaction at the time of closing.

- Troubleshoot: With every potential transaction, there are a host of problems that can develop. A good broker will have the experience to assist the seller in ensuring that problems are managed, and the knowledge on how best to resolve them to everyone's satisfaction.


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