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Setting the Standard

Platinum Marine image Platinum Marine is a full service yacht facility serving the global market.

Whether you are looking for a new yacht, a vessel refit or superior service and component installations, or yacht sales, Platinum Marine is ready to exceed your expectations.

Platinum Marine's shipyard and head office is located in a 45,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility on Mitchell Island in Richmond, a suburb of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Our team of world-class naval architects, engineers, designers, master craftsmen and experienced journeymen ensure your yachting needs are with the highest standards.

We have the ability to handle up to six vessels from 30' to 140' in size for short and long-term projects in our fully protected facility. Our haul-out yard can handle multiple vessels in varying sizes. We have a 160' service dock for your convenience.

Featured Boat
photo of 120' Crescent 2013 Transformed Yacht
120' Crescent 2013 Transformed Yacht
2013 US$ 6,995,000

This is an exciting opportunity to buy an highly desirable yacht at an amazing price. This project is designed for the yachtsman that wants a new boat, but is not prepared to pay new yacht prices in this economy or wait for completion.

Platinum Marine is taking advantage of this downturn and has designed a "Transformational Refit" program to offer outstanding product at astonishing prices. We are able to do this by using our global connections to buy tired or neglected pedigree yachts that are in distressed situations at fractions of their new build costs. We work with quality design offices such as Ron Holland Design and Paul Fredrickson to carefully plan a "Transformational Refit" that adds new exterior modifications or styling, new interiors or layouts, and new system and mechanical updating as required. Our pricing strategy is to target sale price at least ½ of the comparative average of a new build in its class and size.

The end result is a pedigree branded yacht that feels and looks like a new build to someone walking down the dock or examining the interior. Our client is the one who understands true value and is willing to make small concessions to save millions of dollars.

Project "encore" was based on a 1992 Crescent Beach raised pilothouse yacht, originally built to BV standards.

The yacht is fully equipt and now on the market for sale. We invite anyone interested to learn more about our company and what we do to call and book a tour of our current projects 


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