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Wesmar Thrusters

Pier 11 Marina image Designed to Perform -- New Look, New Power, Quiet Strength

Bow Thrusters for Vessels from 38 to 200+ Feet

28 Models, hydraulic and electric double thrust counter rotating and single prop systems for pleasure boat and commercial applications, from 5 to 350 horsepower.

Tested for power, prop size and pitch, clearance and configuration up to 15 hp in WESMAR's one-of-a-kind world-class testing lab.

Designed and built of top quality materials to withstand rugged ocean conditions.

Tested by skilled technical specialists using advanced computerized and automated equipment.

VORTEX Single Prop Thrusters
For boats that cannot accommodate the tube size of the double thrust, WESMAR's single prop thrusters offer an affordable option. The new Vortex single prop thrusters are easily upgradeable from a single prop thruster to the more powerful counter rotating dual propeller system without removing the thruster from the tunnel.

VORTEX Dual Prop Thrusters
For all sized vessels -- pleasure and commercial. The dual prop, counter rotation design produces a rugged and reliable bow thruster that produces about 40% more thrust with the same input horsepower.

A Complete Line of Heavy Duty Commercial Bow Thruster Systems for workboats. Powerful, efficient and reliable!

The VORTEX 200 System
Is extremely powerful, designed for commercial craft and large pleasure boats. Sleek, efficient, heavy duty system uses 24 or 26-inch props. This design allows for more effective placement of this smaller tunnel lower in the water and further forward, providing better pivotal performance and reducing cavitation and noise.

The VORTEX 350
It is one of 8 systems for commercial vessels. This steel encased system uses 40-inch diameter, four blade Kaplan style props and provides power capable of precise movement of commercial vessels. This and the VORTEX 200 series are designed for vessels requiring between 200 and 350 horsepower.

Larger VORTEX Systems
WESMAR's innovative Double Thrust bow thrusters provide a conservative 40% more thrust than conventional single-prop designs with the same tube, prop size, GPM and PSI. When water passes through a spinning prop two types of energy are created: axial and swirl. WESMAR's VORTEX systems convert swirl energy into axial energy. The result is greater efficiency and more thrust. Specifications | Questions


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