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SeaBoater is a new brand of GMUnion management which started in 2008. Our central headquarters is located in Humble, Texas United States. GMUnion (Global Money Union Inc.) invests capital into the SeaBoater brand. SeaBoater brings together its own associate shipyards worldwide (Australia, Netherlands, Poland, Croatia). We are capitalizing on the GMUnion investment and starting work with world-class shipbuilding experts. We currently specialize in building yachts from 60' to 200'. Our worldwide network of competent, experienced shipbuilders are professionals that guarantee professional delivery and high quality service. SeaBoater is not focused like many others which create one hull from one material at every 10 or 15 feet for similar models. Our product lines usually have one smaller and one bigger yacht inside a single product line; we have paletes of 3 different hull material types: carbon, aluminum, and glass-epoxy-composite. We can build both yachts and catamarans. In this way, we can offer more services to people worldwide.
Available SeaBoater product lines: 1. High tech Seaboater 72 and 100 carbon hybrid yachts 2. SeaBoater 108 aluminum hybrid yacht 3. SeaBoater 60, 74, 80 (power) and 116 (single and double deck) hybrid catamarans 4. We are also a custom yacht builder and can build yachts according to unique orders. The success of SeaBoater is due to the mix of traditional building and a direct connection with modern, ecological and cost effective pricing of the final product. Finally, remember why we are the most popular and proud: SeaBoater is the first HYBRID PROPULSION and SOLAR SYSTEM of yachts used in SERIALIZED PRODUCTION worldwide! Our shipyards All SeaBoater yachts are built in collaboration with our own network of reputable shipyards. Our associated shipyards are authorized and specialized in building SeaBoater vessels. They closely cooperate with the SeaBoater head office naval architects team. Looking for a boat, ship or yacht builder? SeaBoater recognizes that each owner has an ideal yacht in mind, and we can build these custom yachts for our individual clients. We are specialized in high tech carbon yacht building, but can also build traditional aluminium and glass-epoxy-composite custom yachts too. We invite you to schedule a meeting. Our in-house design and engineering team listen to your needs to create new and better yacht forms and interior arrangements which meet all the unique requirements of our customers. We also offer a 30%-50% instant leasing program for custom yacht buildings. You can contact us with your general requirements at any time.


Mike Harris, Florida Licensed Yacht & Ship Broker
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Pensacola, FL 32507, United States

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