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Meet the Crew

Pendergrass Yacht Sales image Capt. Charlie Pendergrass, Broker

I've spent nearly all my life on Florida's west coast and boating has always been an integral part of it. Having my first boat at the age of eight, boating has always brought a sense of freedom and adventure. Over the years there have been many different boats in all different sizes. Currently I own and call home a Jefferson 48' CPMY.

After a career of over two decades in the building material sales industry, I was able to start my career on the water full time. I went to Sea School and graduated with a USCG Masters License and have been working on the water ever since. I've been a full time Yacht Broker for seven years now. I also do some private driving lessons for new boat owners. It's way easier than it looks.

Not only do I get to earn a living doing what I love, but I get to help others fulfill their passions. I've learned that square pegs never fit in round holes and if both the buyers and the sellers are happy, the sale gets done.

Thank you for taking the time and considering Pendergrass Yacht Sales on your next sell or purchase. Honesty, Integrity, and Diligence are what you can expect.

Pendergrass Yacht Sales image Josh J Thornsberry, Yacht Sales

Growing up in Northern California, my passion for boating started while fishing on the many lakes around the Sierra Mountains. I remember at eight years old, saving my allowance and buying a Motor Boating & Sailing magazine subscription and spending hours scourging the pages of boats. A passion was born.

I owned my first boat at age 14, and got my first job at a new boat dealership. Many boats and many years later, I have moved to Florida to "live out the dream" and have bought my first live-aboard, a Hatteras 43'.

"Just do it" is what other boaters would tell me. Now I can help you to find your dream and live the lifestyle. Just do it.


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