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"SHORT SALE" Your Yacht or Boat & Avoid Bank Reposession

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"SHORT SALE" Your Yacht or Boat & Avoid Bank Reposession

New boat sales are very very slow right now, dealers are slashing prices. What does this mean to people who purchased a new or late model boat in the last 5 years with a long term loan? When a boat buyer can purchase the same model only newer for less money than owners of 2004's 05's, 06's, 07's owe the bank on their yacht or boat? It means that the boat they own probably has a market value less than the amount they owe on their yacht or boat. If you are in such a situation and are thinking of letting your yacht or boat go back to the bank through repossession and ruining your credit maybe a short sale is a better option.

A short sale could be a win-win for everyone involved. In such an arrangement, the borrower sells the boat or yacht for less than the amount owed, with the lender forgiving the difference. The sale releases borrowers from their obligations. For mortgage holders, it can be less costly than repossessing the boat or yacht. For buyers, it can be a chance to buy a boat or yacht at an attractive price. Pacific Coast Yachts is currently working with lenders to agree to short selling yachts and boats thereby relieving the owners of their financial woes and obligations, satisfying the lenders so they may realize more capital than they would by going through repossession and auctioning a yacht or boat, and ultimately providing yacht and boat buyers with a great deal on a great vessel! Call Pacific Coast Yachts today to start the process!!!


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