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Pacific Coast Yacht Services

Contact Yacht Service Director John Grendahl direct at:619-787-7075

Topside Detailing Services

Gel coat blister repair
Topside compound and wax
Scheduled washdowns (Yacht Management)
Brite work - Varnish and Teak Oil

Boat Yard Services

Vessel pick-up and delivery
Bottom paint and haul out services
Shaft replacement
Shaft packing service
Shaft bearing service
Thru-hull and transducer installation
Hull pressure washing
Linear Polyurethane (LP) painting

Mechanical Services

Gas inboard engine repairs and service(all models)
Diesel inboard engine repairs and service(all models)
Outboard engine repairs and service
Out-drive repairs, service and replacements

Miscellaneous Services

Sailboat rigging repairs/service/replacements
Bilge pump repairs and installations
Charging system repair and install
Troubleshoot and install bonding systems
Bilge cleaning/painting
Battery maintenance and replacements
Port hole and window replacements
Rigging maintenance and repairs
Electronics repair/installation (all manufacturers)
Head repairs and installations

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Pacific Coast Yachts

1450 Harbor Island Dr. Suite #207
San Diego, CA 92101, United States

Toll-free 866-343-2703
Tel (619) 224-7075
Fax (619) 224-1177
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