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A Different Approach to Buying a Yacht

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If you are in the market to buy or sell, drop us an e-mail or give us a call. Whether you are buying or selling, our approach is simple: We take the time and do the work to find you the best options available for your needs. Let us know your goals, your budget, your specific interests and we'll boil down all the inventory to help you find the best selection.

If you are buying locally or out of state, we'll chase down the details and handle the transaction in person, no matter the location. If you need to ship the vessel by land or sea, we have arranged for transportation within the USA and exported yachts as far away as Australia and Russia.

At Pacific Yacht Broker, Inc., "You're Heading in the Right Direction." We're here to help 24/7 live. Call me anytime at 949-295-2984 directly with your questions. I know we will both be glad that you called or clicked me directly at -Art Burnevik, CA Licensed Yacht & Ship Agent/Broker since 1999.

Featured Boat
photo of 57' Navigator RIVAL FRESHWATER HISTORY
2003 US$ 369,900

Today's Headline: This one has the Upgraded 430 HP Engines!

One Boat You Don't Want to Miss!  This is that Exceptional Yacht that everyone seeks but very few ever show up in time to buy.  If you are in the market for the Comfort and Features Offered in a Pilothouse Design that is Moderately Priced, you have come to the right place. 

What Makes this One So Special?

1st:  She's the only 1 of 4 for sale in the entire USA.

2nd: She's the only 1 of 2 on the West Coast and the only one in Southern California.  If you are Local, from the Desert or the Freezing Midwest; this is a second home you may not have considered.  With our experience, captains and crew, we can make it happen...guiding you through every step along the way.

Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego or Mexico...she'll go wherever you take her or we deliver.

We like to think of yachts as "Affordable Oceanfront Property" floating in the most beautiful waterfront settings in the USA.

Whether you are an experienced cruising captain and crew or just dreaming about a vacation home to share with friends and family as a sole owner or a partnership, this lady is Cruise Ready to Deliver Anywhere. 

3rd: She's Best in Class by 100...nearly a $100,000.00  (that is) of "New High Tech Upgrades Outfitting Her Professionally to Cruise from Here to Anywhere"!  If you read the full specifications and compare, you'll see a BIG DOLLAR DIFFERENCE in terms of the Safety, Reliability, Performance Features and VALUE. At Full price (which is about the same asking price as the others), this is the one with about 10 of her years living in freshwater.  She's in virtually new condition with everything from a $7,000.00 State-of-the-Art Engine Room Fire Suppression System to a Simple but Sophisticated Oil Changing System to the Highest Quality Flying Bridge Enclosure to Dual 12" Simrad Radar/Navigation Screens with Open Array Radar.  All the upgrades were completed in about the past 24 months.

4th: These are truly "Spare No Expense" conscientious owners that replaced good stuff with the best stuff in preparation for  extended cruising, a safe and trouble-free journey...but they never left.  Changing circumstances requires their availability locally.  The new plan is to sell this "Oceanfront Cruiser" and move into something sportier for their routine weekend trips to Catalina Island. 

5th: This will be the first one to sell to sell if you are the kind of buyer that sees and knows the difference.'s that time of the year when all the good inventory gets gobbled before the start of summer.

Lastly: "What also makes this yacht so special is the friendship we have developed with the owners through this 3rd and soon 4th purchase and delivery. We take our time to understand our client's needs and then present them with the best options no matter the plan or budget.  We are here before, during and after the sale.  We're in it for life...your high life."  -Art Burnevik Pres./Listing Broker


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