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Welcome to Outer Reef Yachts

Outer Reef Yachts image The Philosophy of Outer Reef Yachts is pure and simple.....

Offer the highest quality product at a competitive price, build and retain a client base.

Outer Reef Yachts adheres to the following guidelines in order to achieve this goal.

We strive for perfection in an Outer Reef yacht by constantly improving the product line. We are never satisfied with the status quo nor do we wait until our clients have to ask for updates in our product. Outer Reef Yachts aggressively looks for ways to improve our yachts on a continuous basis. When developing the Outer Reef 73 series, we made 172 changes and improvements from the start of the tooling on the line through the completion of the hull.

This philosophy of constant improvement enhances the value of all Outer Reefs as does the constructive suggestions we receive from our clients. A knowledgeable yachtsman building an Outer Reef is one of our most valued assets. From their ideas and suggestions, our architects and engineers can validate and incorporate a viable improvement into the line immediately, even when the hull is already under construction and at no cost to the client. This ensures our clients of the most up to date Outer Reef in terms of equipment and features further enhancing the yacht's value.

Outer Reef Yachts exercises great flexibity by accommodating a client's need for changes to the original design. Purchasing an Outer Reef represents a substantial investment; it goes without saying that our clients are entitled to have it their way.

We do not sacrifice safety and comfort for speed. Outer Reefs are designed for comfortable passages in less than ideal conditions. Lesser displacement hulls cannot match the comfort and safety of an Outer Reef. Cruising is about the journey not the destination. Stability and safety are Outer Reef cruising standards. If you are willing to sacrifice comfort for speed, this is not the yacht for you. We don't mean to imply an Outer Reef will not go fast, but the fuel burn associated with extremely large engines is in conflict with our cruising philosophy.

Outer Reef has not followed the growing trend of many Asian boat manufacturers to move their operations to China. In fact, we are expanding our facilities in Taiwan to meet the demand of our premier product line. Outer Reef is committed to uncompromised quality and will not sacrifice the flawless expertise of many generations of shipwrights and mechanical technicians for the sake of reducing costs. There are those who will not settle for anything less than perfection; Outer Reef exemplifies this quest.

Our philosophy of client satisfaction is unconditional. We have built Outer Reef Yachts around the concept that our clients will return to move up in size and we offer a product line from 60' to 115'. In the world of turn around mass production, we consider our clients priceless and are humbled by the fact we are nothing without them

"If you don't take care of your customer, someone else will"......."The customer is always right" are corny and dated but no less true today than when they were coined. We invite you to join our ever growing "Family" of Outer Reef owners.

Go Beyond the Reef

Featured Boat
photo of 65' Outer Reef 650 LRMY
65' Outer Reef 650 LRMY
2010 US$ 2,064,000

De Onions, like all Outer Reefs, offers luxurious amenities while cruising in comfort and safety.  Outer Reefs are ruggedly built to withstand open Ocean Category A conditions, wave heights 18'-20', and outfitted for easy handling by a cruising couple.

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