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Our yachts are built using the latest in boat production. The sandwich structure of top sides and deck are made of closed cell rigid foam (Airex) used in ocean racing boats.

These technologies allow our yachts to be lighter, stronger and safer. Our gel coat is made of vinylister that gives the hull better durability.

All our yachts are certified "Open Ocean" by European Union Standards, Germanische Lloyd and Transport Canada this is testimony to our commitment to safety and seaworthiness.

The attention to details surpasses what you may expect from production yachts. Our highly skilled craftsmen create interiors that is not only very
functional and safe, but also warm and inviting.

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Featured Boat
photo of 46' Delphia Yachts Delphia 46CC
46' Delphia Yachts Delphia 46CC
2013 US$ 385,000

Delphia 46cc has very unique design deck salon with 360 view from navigation station not found on modern yachts.

With hydraulicaly lift keel and shalow draft at 4'1" she will be perfect for ICW and Bahamas and is also capable to go anywhere in the world as she is A Class certified.

The Delphia 46cc was designed as the ultimate example of synergy between naval architect and boat builder and it's dedicated a specially for customers who above all appreciate the pure art of sailing. This high-end model with a central cockpit features rigging and capstans from the world’s leading manufacturers and uncompromisingly satisfies the expectations of even the most demanding of yachtsmen.

Despite its smooth lines and luxurious feel, the obvious sporting pedigree will not allow you to forget you are aboard a thoroughbred seagoing yacht. The robust hull, ensures unmatched stability in rough sea and achieves excellent speeds upwind. Boasting a big yacht feel, the 46cc provides a relaxed atmosphere while under sail and with the latest technical innovations, is easy to helm even when sitting at the navigation table. ?The elegant and spacious interior is the creation of world-famous designer Birgit Schnaase of Schnaase Interior Design and includes a wealth of exclusive and practical details you would normally expect of a super yacht. Built with utmost attention to quality and detail, the large enclosed guest area with central cockpit table and sumptuous sofas is ideal for dining and relaxing while tackling the challenges of blue water cruising or simply enjoying the vista that it offers. The two-cabin configuration maximises all available space in the stateroom and guest cabin. The berths are placed as close as possible to the center of yaw to ensure maximum comfort when sleeping in open waters. All this, combined with a long waterline, roomy deck and generous saloon, lend this new marvel of yacht design a spacious, light and airy living area with an omnipresent feeling of extravagance more usually expected of much larger craft found in an entirely different price range. Delphia 46cc is available with either a fixed or a swing keel.


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