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Newport Coast Yachts image The NEW Thrustor® is a patented Multi-Nozzle Venturi System for Watercraft, which significantly improves the overall performance of virtually all propeller-driven vessels. The unique Thrustor® design utilizes a “Multiple Nozzle” assembly that consists of two or more hydro dynamically shaped nozzles (rings) located around the propeller, and together with the “Venturi” ports (or gaps between the rings that draft outside ambient water to the propeller) a directional column of propeller thrust is created that substantially improves the operating performance, maneuverability and stability of vessels equipped with the System.

 Thrustor® design wraps around the propeller, which provides protection to the propeller and reduces the chances of a propeller strike to all personnel in or around the vessel.

 Thrustor® enhances operations in shallow, debris or ice filled water.

 Thrustor® utilizes the patented Multiple-Nozzel Venturi System to significantly reduce cavitation, increase stability, control and responsiveness of each vessel.

 Thrustor® generates a Hydro-Lift (Stern Lift) action and improved rudder control which:

 Dramatically increases directional thrust and maneuverability.

 Improves boating stability in all three (3) hull axes (directions).

 Enhanced stability reduces the possibility of injury to crew.

 Dramatically increases bow visibility upon initial acceleration.

 Eliminates vessel porpoising.

 Thrustor® utilizes an extended skeg mount which creates extra keel strength supporting transom weight of most boats.
See the web site at: www.mptmfg.com

We are now a live entry on the Shock Mitigation Directory. Please find link below. http://shockmitigationdirectory.com/inner-category/19/88/773/

MPT will appear on a rolling add on the home page : ‘’New Entries Live in the Directory’’ http://shockmitigationdirectory.com/


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