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Poop Off! Bird Stain Remover

Newport Coast Yachts image Poop-Off is an enzymatic/bacterial/light detergent cleanser. It is non-toxic and biodegradable. It works extremely well on organic matter, but sometimes needs to sit a bit before rinsing with water or wiping with a cloth as it contains no harsh chemicals. It will take the bird poop off of your car or boat, but not the wax, or the paint, or the shiny finish. The enzymes may leave a slight film, but it is easily removed with a clean, dry cloth. Poop-Off in the domesticated animal variety is available in PetSmart and Petco as a dog, cat, and pet bird clean-up and training product. People love it! The products are all similar, varying only in fragrance and strength. The cat and dog products smell like bubblegum. The domesticated animal products are the lowest in strength. All are completely safe. The wipes (not pictured) are in this lower strength category, and can be used to clean bird cages with the birds still in them. The All Marine line is next in strength, the fragrance is called Sparkle, and is kind of musky. It is quite pleasant, and works as an odor eliminator as well as a stain and mess remover. The All Marine product is specifically designed to remove sea bird droppings, both old and new, as well as fishing messes. There is nothing else on the market like it! The manufacturer has a testimonial from a man who had a boat stored for 27 years and he sprayed Poop Off on it and it dissolved the droppings, and then he just simply rinsed it off with a hose, leaving the boat clean and stain free. Someone else sprayed Poop Off on smeared bugs on the grill and hood of her car. She then just rinsed it with a hose and not only were the bugs completely gone, but the car was cleaner and shinier than before. Carpet stains will literally disappear before your eyes and not reappear as there is no oil or residue that will attract future dirt. We believe that because of the people- and environmentally-friendly aspects of this product, coupled with it’s many other uses that we are finding, it could, and should, be marketed in other markets as well. The possibilities appear to be endless! The manufacturer is open to this idea and has the production capabilities to handle any size of orders. We are open to private labeling, just provide us with the labels and then we can ship anywhere under your name with your label.

Additional known uses for wipes:

Take bird droppings off of cars, follow with dry cloth to restore shine. The droppings remove the wax, so re-apply wax for ultimate shine and protection.
Clean jewelry, not so great on polishing silver, but cleans oil and dirt, and some tarnish.
Take black scuff marks off of floors.
Take off baked-on grease on stovetops and appliances. Quickly clean spills in refrigerators, even old ones.
Removes some hard water spots.
Wipe down and clean laptops and PCs, follow with a paper towel, or soft cloth. Especially great on keyboards and mouses.
Wipe down the bathroom sinks, countertops, handles and mirrors. Let sit for a few minutes and then follow with a paper towel on the shiny surfaces.
Put a wipe on the carpet and grind it in with your foot, flip it and grind again to take out spots. For carpet cleaning machines, dilute 5 or 10 to 1 depending on the carpet.
Clean upholstery in cars, boats, RV's, at home, in the office, anywhere.
Clean up child spills or natural messes quickly.
The wipes are great for taking spots out of clothing. We have taken BBQ sauce out of Rayon, and taken dried blood out of silk clothing by simply dabbing on the spot. It was gone in just minutes. The enzymes sometimes take a bit of time to do their thing, however, sometimes they work immediately. We removed fresh beet juice in just seconds.
The spray works very well as a pre-laundering spray. It was sprayed on three day old beet juice on a white shirt before laundering it and the beet juice was completely gone after the wash cycle. We also sprayed it on a Stainless Steel BBQ grill, let it soak, and then brushed it off, Most of the grill was bright and shiny again.

Poop Off cleans grout and raw wood. We took the brush bottle of the All Marine solution and cleaned the wood edging and steps, tile, grout, and silicone sealer on the outside edges of an older above ground Jacuzzi. It looked like it was brand new! It should work really well on any outside furniture. It was tried on an old outside table and it just dissolved the grime and mold. This is the bottle style, with the brush.
There is one more solution called Premium Potty Potion. It has the highest enzymatic and bacterial action. It is advertised for holding tanks, septic tanks, grease traps in restaurants, garbage cans and areas, and as an immediate neutralizer of malodors. The other solutions that are currently available average about 1 million bacteria per quart. We have 150 billion per quart! Let us know what you find out about things that we can clean with this product, and possible new markets.

All products can be delivered within 48 hours with free shipping anywhere in California. Prices negotiable on larger quantities. Dealer inquiries invited!

Order by email at CMe4Yachts@aol.com or call 888-296-4321.
Tari Soderling, Master Distributor.


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