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Established in 1959 in Greenville , North Carolina, Grady-White has earned a legendary reputation for building ruggedly elegant coastal fishing boats, developing great craftsmen, and nurturing strong customer relationships, becoming in one of the most renowned saltwater boat manufacturers in the world.

Grady- White Boats is qualitatively and quantitatively differentiated from all other coastal boat brands in customer satisfaction, this res ults in a company that embodies integrity, pride in work well done, and care for customer and community. Nautikos team has recently negotiated to be the exclusive Grady White Boats dealers on Mexico`s Pacific Coast.

Grady-White is one of the most renowned saltwaterboat manufacturers in the world. One reason is Grady-White’s SeaV2® hull performance– top ranked #1 in each of the eight J.D. Power andAssociates Marine Studies ever done. Truth is, boat length for boat length, there is no ride that compares to Grady-White’s. Grady-White delivers boating’s driest, softest, and most stable ride through our unique multi-faceted hull design.
Grady-White delivers satisfaction and value beyond any other manufacturer

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Grady-White Boats is qualitatively and quantitatively differentiated from all other coastal boat brands in customer satisfaction. Thanks largely to continuous private ownership and its vision and values, Grady- White Boats for nearly 60 years has achieved levels of satisfaction attained by only a few premium products in any industry.
This worldclass quality, reliability, and performance are attributes of the Grady-White family as well as of the boats themselves.

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