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Placing a boat into Charter or a Fractional Boat Club like NauticShare has many benefits. Make sure to do your due diligence when selecting a charter or fractional company. No two companies are the same, and the mismanagement of your boat can be detrimental to your access and enjoyment, not to mention resale.

A company such as NauticShare offers to pay your slip fees, insurance, and routine maintenance. You then receive 7 full days access to your boat. If you opt for a lesser access package, you then receive income to cover part of your note.

A typical Charter company gives the boat owner typically 40% of the charter revenue. The Charter Company does not provide any guarantee for income or maintenance, just a percentage of the gross charter revenue.

Below are some examples of the tax and cash flow advantages to placing your into a Charter Company. It is imperative you consult with your tax advisor or CPA on the items below.

1. You are able to depreciate the boat (10 year accelerated

depreciation MACRS)

2. Section 179 expense deduction in the year of acquisition (up to $107,000 in 2007)

3. You are able to deduct all ordinary and necessary charter related expense (berthing, insurance, maintenance, interest etc.)

4. The boat will receive the care and management by a professional staff (varies with charter company)

5. You receive the income from Charter- 40%.

6. You and those that charter your boat will receive good training using the American Sailing Association (ASA) Training Program.

7. You will have the opportunity to dramatically reduce the time it takes to pay off your boat.

8. There will be a dramatic reduction in ownership expenses.

9. There may be an easier access to slips, an increasingly scarce commodity.

This is just a list of examples of the benefits of placing your boat into a charter fleet. The above examples are not recommendations from The Nautic Group. Please consult your CPA or tax advisor on your specific situation.

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