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Sell Your Yacht- Fast

Sell your yacht fast at the Kemah Boardwalk Marina!

The Nautic Group is dedicated to selling your yacht at the right price- fast! Similar to the CARMAX® concept, our buyers know they are getting the boat at a great price- no exceptions. In addition we will market your yacht on national websites; local display ads, boat shows and most importantly, our buyers are not intimidated or turned away from pushy sales people.

Why list your yacht with Nautic Yacht Sales?

1. Location. Location. Location. A forgotten principle of yacht sales in the Houston area. We are located at the Kemah Boardwalk Marina, right on Dock “A”. Tens of thousands of people visit the Kemah Boardwalk every weekend, dreaming of a boat, just not knowing where to start. Our Boating Center concept is the perfect place.

2. Your boat may qualify for the NauticShare program, allowing your buyer to place the purchased boat into our in house Fractional Program and have the boat expenses paid for.

3. “No Haggle” Pricing. Gone are the days of weeks or months of back and forth negotiating. Everyone knows the “old school” style of boat buying turns many people away, frustrated; or the buyer or seller walks away feeling like it was a bad deal. We price each boat for quick sale to free your time and dollars.

4. We wash and lightly maintain your boat. Selling a boat is just like selling a home, it has to be staged correctly, clean and smell fresh. This is included with our program. Everyday, we open your boat, air it out, turn on the lights, playing our jazz and Caribbean music CD on your yacht to create the buyers “moment”.

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