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What is the Covered Corridor?

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What is the Covered Corridor?

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Covered Corridor

What is the Covered Corridor?

The Covered Corridor is a latitude range that has weather mild enough to accommodate covered slips for boats. If you move too far South your covered slips stand a good chance of getting blown away by high winds. If you build too far North, your covered dock is at risk of being pushed under water by the weight of snow and ice. This mild weather band runs from the Ohio River in the North to about the middle of Alabama.

Why is it worth the travel to come to the covered corridor to search for a boat?

1. The first obvious reason is the fact that they are protected from the sun. Unlike people, boats don’t look better with a sun tan. Fabrics keep their color better, canvas and upholstery lasts longer, rubber gaskets around windows stay pliable and keep water out.

2. The area in our discussion is entirely fresh water, and we all know the advantages of that.

3. The waters of this area are mostly flat most of the time. Although most boats are built to be mishandled in rough seas, it is better if you don’t pick them up and drop them a few thousand times.

4. Most of our boating is social in nature which means there’s no big hurry. If you run a boat for an hour at 10 miles an hour or at 30 miles an hour, it is still an hour. If you compare the fuel used per hour inland versus big water areas, you might see a drastic advantage inland. A 100 hour engine that has used 1000 gallons is going to be in better condition than a 100 hour engine that has burned 3000 gallons.

5. No Barnacles

6. They are protected from the rain

7. Most of the docks are floating so there is no dock rash caused by tides.

8. We have some of the best cruising waters in the world and you can get to Florida or the Great lakes by water.

I hope we told you something you didn’t know or hadn’t thought about. Come look at the difference. It’s a smart option…
David Benson


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