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Welcome NAMS Members

National Association of Marine Surveyors image Dear NAMS Members: provides you with over 150,000 photo-and-detail-rich boat listings with sold prices as reported by the listing broker.

To subscribe, call us at 877-336-9527 or Click here Please provide credit card information and we'll email you a password with your welcome letter within 3 business days.

In 2002, Yacht brokers had become increasingly concerned that surveyors did not have access to the sold boat data in YachtWorld - content they consider to be the most relative source of sold boat pricing data available anywhere. They were concerned that traditional sources of sold boat data were becoming obsolete, as many brokerage houses report that they no longer provide data to those sources. Today they report strong approval knowing that NAMS members can now subscribe to

The data you will find in are the actual boat listings originally advertised by the listing broker in These listings are rich both in photos and detail and contain the contact information of the listing broker. When the boat sells, the listing broker reports the sale price and date, and the boat is moved out of the active boats for sale and into a separate database that can only be accessed by member brokers, NAMS Surveyors, and now, by other surveyor associations as well. This information is not accessible by the public. The listing broker is required to provide accurate data in order to retain the privilege of accessing other brokers sold boat data.

"Read what NAMS members have to say about

I have been using YachtWorld's soldboats database for four months. Compared to other valuation resources outside our own records, I have found the database to be the single most useful resource in my experience. The soldboats database often significantly reduces the time spent gathering comparables, and the ability to download the data provides virtually instant documentation for the file. Access to the database is very affordable, and I feel it pays for itself in the first few C&V's every month." Ron Reisner NAMS-CMS

"The Yachtworld sold boat database is simply the best thing there is for a yacht surveyor and it's fast becoming the same for a commercial vessel surveyor. You get the actual number the boat sold for and a complete specification sheet as well. If you are still relying on "pricing guides"you are way behind your competition." Jay McEwen, NAMS-CMS

"The service has transformed my ability to do quality valuation work in a reasonable amount of time. It is an extremely valuable tool for Condition and Valuation Survey valuation research. One additional feature that would be a helpful time saver would be a way to look at current listings for a given boat model directly from, without having to open Thanks for great service and a terrific resource." Matthew L. Harris NAMS-CMS.

Not only is soldboats a very helpful resource for appraising boats it also was a recent negotiating tool when I secured a personal vessel. Prior to making an offer on a 35' siling vessel I gathered all comparables from Sold Then I proceeded to negotiate a sales price based on these comparables. The result being that the sale of the vessel fell well within the range of comparable vessels and was exceptionally well positioned considering the extras on the vessel when compared to the comparables. I am also a Senior Member of ASA (American Society of Appraisers). In abiding by the ethics of ASA and USPAP (Uniform Standards of Principal Appraisal Practice) has become a very valuable research resource. Capt. Larry E. Strouse, NAMS-CMS

We will appreciate receiving your suggestions and comments about how we can make better. Email YachtWorld Publisher Jessica Muffett. If you have questions or comments for NAMS, email NAMS President Ron Reisner

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