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Meet the Team

Mariners Yacht & Ship Brokerage, Inc. image

Mariners Yacht & Ship Brokerage, Inc. image

Captain Michael O'Connor C.P.Y.B.
President-Broker-California Notary Public
(949) 240-2381

At Mariner's Yacht and Ship Brokerage, Inc. our motto is "Courteous Professionalism". Our commitment is to provide you, our client, with unparalleled professionalism in all areas of service...and to exceed your expectations! This is what has made Mariner's the oldest yacht brokerage company in Dana Point under the same management.

My dedication to the yacht brokerage industry and a commitment to achieving the highest standard of integrity, knowledge, service and performance has driven me to the designation of Certified Professional Yacht Broker.

Certification is an important element in the growing recognition of yacht brokerage as a profession. Every CPYB yacht broker has a responsibility to uphold the highest standards of the profession and to participate in ongoing personal educational development. As one of the only 498 yacht brokers in North America, I am proud to say "I am a Certified Professional Yacht Broker".

Five miles offshore sailor rescues two

reprinted from The Log by Cathy Werblin

DANA POINT-When Mike O'Connor saw an empty Hobie Cat sail past his 30-foot Catalina five miles offshore, he knew something was terribly wrong.
"I was out for an afternoon sail, and there were the typical westerly winds. I was beaming south when I first saw the Hobie Cat" O'Connor said.
"About 45 minutes later the catamaran went racing by and when I saw there was nobody on it." he said. "I knew right then there was something terribly wrong." the 42-year-old Dana Point resident added.
What was wrong was that the two people aboard the Hobie Cat had lowered the boat's sails and jumped into the ocean for a swim. They didn't secure the boat or leave anybody on board.
A typical gust of wind picked up the boat and carried it back to shore, leaving its two occupants stranded at least five miles from the closest beach.
After O'Connor searched the area for about 15 minutes before deciding to radio for help. As he went below to his radio, he heard the shouts from the water. "When I saw the empty boat go by I knew I would find somebody in the water - I just didn't know what shape they would be in."
O'Connor pulled the cold, naked, exhausted 24-year-old male from the chilly water, along with a 17-year-old female companion.
"They were just kids having some fun. They just didn't know how dangerous their fun was." O'Connor said. As O'Connor was rescuing the two boaters, the Hobie Cat returned to Dana Point, where a pair of sailors found it. The two boarded the boat and took it out to look for occupants.
The Sheriff's Harbor Patrol Office was alerted and also responded to the call. "The public can learn through this never to leave a boat unatended," said Lt. Dick Olson of the Sheriff's Department. "Even if you pull the sails down, you have to leave someone on the boat."
Mike O'Connor seeing them swimming out there was a lucky break," said Olson. The two spent about 30 minutes in the water before being picked up.

Mariners Yacht & Ship Brokerage, Inc. image

A brief history

I have called Dana Point home for the past 30 years, but my love for sailing began on the Atlantic Ocean. I was raised in Massachusetts. When I was twelve I built my first sailboat with my dad - a Sailfish, right out of the pages of Popular Mechanics. Built of plywood and covered in fiberglass it was very heavy and slow, but I was proud of it. After a few years of trying to get it to sail I moved up to small sailing dinghies and discovered sailing had to do with wind and not as much with bailing and swimming.

Since those days in the early 60's of sailing small keel boats from Nova Scotia to my home waters of Cape Cod and the islands I have traveled the world chartering on anything I could get my hands on. I have navigated waters in Australia, Guam, British Columbia, U.S. Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Greece, Spain, and England. I have also chartered in most of the Atlantic States and in and around the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico.

In the early 70's my focus turned to more performance sailing participating in both PHRF and One Design racing. I gained great respect for the intricacies of each position and nuances of what it takes to win. There is where I learned true meaning of the word teamwork. Whether it is was a Lido or the Schooner Kelpie focus was the rule.

My Professional Maritime Career began in 1994 when I became a 100 ton Master. Charter sport fishing was where I started, but my sailing roots soon brought me back to sailing charters and Master of the 1928 Schooner "KELPIE" in 1999 and continued for the next 10 years. To read more about "KELPIE", the fastest Schooner in the West, Click Here

Mariners Yacht & Ship Brokerage, Inc. image As a member of Dana West in 1994 I found my friends asking "Mike what is my boat worth?" "Mike; I'm thinking of buying a new boat what do you think?" "Hey; I have this noise, what do you think it is?" I saw an opportunity to be a benefit to the boating community. I decide to get my Sales Agents License and see how things would work-out. Well needless to say they have exceeded my wildest dreams. After a couple of years of working at a small local brokerage I decided it was time to “take the helm.” Along with my long time friend Captain Dave Greuel, we have assembled a group of dedicated professionals. Today we have offices in Dana Point and Newport Beach staffed by Licensed Captains and seasoned professionals with expertise in all areas of the boating industry. Now as a Certified Professional Yacht Broker I welcome you to stop by any one of our locations and see what we can do for you.

Mariners Yacht & Ship Brokerage, Inc. image

Captain David Greuel
Vice President-CFO
(949) 463-2321

Captain Dave Greuel has spent his life around boats and on the water. His father was an Air Force Fighter pilot and as a child lived and attended school in the Orient. It is here that Dave’s love for the ocean began. It is also from his service back ground that he learned early the importance of integrity, accountability and respect which is the way he lives and treats his clients.

One of his first jobs was working as a deckhand on the local sport fishing boats. Through high school he worked for a marine repair company learning about marine systems, engines and boat building. In 1977 he began a marine service business which is still in operation has repaired as many as 8,000 boats per year.

A licensed captain and avid fisherman, Dave has fished in tournaments throughout the United States, Hawaii, Venezuela and Mexico. He has also completed multiple factory training programs and become certified for OMC, MerCruiser, Volvo Penta and several other gas and diesel marine engines.

Whether, you’re buying or selling, Dave’s professional experience and mechanical background will be of great assistance with all your decisions.

Mariners Yacht & Ship Brokerage, Inc. image

Leslie Love
Charter Director
(949) 690-0519

Leslie is a California native who realizes how wonderful her home area is. She takes great effort in planning and designing custom charter experiences that show the best of all there is to do and see in Dana Point and the “Gold Coast” area of Orange County. She has lived and worked in, or near, the harbor most of her life. Her start in the charter business began in the early 90’s in Dana Point Harbor. That’s also when she met Captain Mike O’Connor who took her on her first “real” sail. Since then, she has been on just about every kind of boat there is. She enjoys both sailing and power boating, and has great respect for each. Leslie has also travelled extensively, experienced a wide variety of cultures and customs, and has connections around the world in some of the most awesome vacation spots that exist. With her world-wide connections, background in marketing and education, knowledge and love of the ocean, and skills for planning adventures, she fits in well as Mariner’s Charter Director. She is happy to be part of such a solid brokerage, and Mariner’s motto of “courteous professionalism” mirrors her own work ethic. It’s the details that are key to good customer service, she believes, as does the crew at Mariner’s. When it comes to planning charters, Leslie feels comfortable doing what she is good at. “People, partying, ocean and adventure – I’ve lived it, loved it and now I sell it!

Mariners Yacht & Ship Brokerage, Inc. image

Joe Braun
Sales Professional
(760) 687-6901

Since I was 4 years old I wanted to surf. Being land locked, I didn't get my opportunity until I was 12. After that, I was at the beach and surfing every chance I got. To fill my days when I knew the surf was flat, I would build street cars and began drag racing. After marriage, a couple of kids and divorce, I moved to Oceanside, California. One morning while surfing, the wind came up, blowing out the surf. Disappointed, I walked home. As I walked down the beach, I noticed sailboats sailing out of the harbor. It occurred to me that I'd seen this before. Since I was no longer involved in racing cars, what a great cross sport that wouldn't conflict with surfing. In fact, this could open up new surfing destinations. Deciding to look for a sail boat, I found a neglected Columbia 26. Now I needed to learn how to sail. Asking around, I ran into Monte Yearley who told me, "If you really want to learn to sail, you should come with us beer can racing." I was hooked immediately. I continued coming for 8 years. It was then, after making many friends and sailing lots of boats, I decided that I could probably skipper my own race boat as good as anyone. Over the next 7 years, I won nearly every trophy OYC had to offer. One of the good friends I made was Per Peterson, who convinced him that getting a Yacht sales agent license and finding himself a race boat would be a good investment in my future. In doing so, the second boat he would facilitate a sale with would be Alchemy. After many ocean miles and many races, I decided it was time to spend more time on land to further pursue his yacht sales career. Now I am happy to have joined the team at Mariner’s Yacht and Ship Brokerage, Inc.

Mariners Yacht & Ship Brokerage, Inc. image

Mike Hatcher
Sales Professional
(949) 637-5004

Being born and raised in Southern California Mike spent most of his time at his sister’s house in Newport Beach, at or in the ocean. Starting his relationship with the ocean as a very young surfer he progressed into dingy sailing and power boating. He started his career in the entertainment business and spent the first eight years as a professional musician traveling around the country playing clubs, medium to large concerts, and doing various recording. Moving forward with his musical career Mike relocated to Toluca Lake where he went to work full time as a staff music recording engineer. While working at Evergreen Recording Studios, Universal, Paramount, etc. he recorded music for TV, jingles, records, and feature films, and eventually moved into record production and video production. During this time Mike spent most of his weekends traveling down to the beach to continue his sailing adventures when he got hooked on sailboat racing. This addiction started in 1986 and has not gone away since. After racing on other boats for many years, Mike and his wife Diane bought the yacht “Roller” in 1999. Roller is an Andrews 42 which Mike campaigns as a member of Dana Point Yacht Club. The future for Mike includes continuing his racing program, procuring his Captain’s license, and building a fleet of happy customers.

Mariners Yacht & Ship Brokerage, Inc. image

Mike Horlak
Sales Professional
(949) 338-6298

I grew up with wooden power and sail boats on the shores of Lake Erie. My parents’ best gift to me was summers in junior sailing and I was hooked on the combination of water and wind at an early age. My first paying job was cleaning boats in between finding a crew job on McCloud one designs like Highlanders and Flying Scotts competing up to the Nationals level. I sailed wherever I could find water and a boat and “squandered” most of my youth working on my Dad’s 37ft 1948 vintage Elco sedan cruiser Annie Lee II. What seemed like just a whole lot of slavery at the time, turned out to be a valuable appreciation and understanding of boat systems and inland water and weather. My first ocean sailing experience was in the Gulf of Siam during the Vietnam era where a Hobie Cat and hot equatorial breezes offered an escape from fighting a war. After moving to the Monterey Bay I was lucky enough to have neighbors who were Bill Lee design racers an lots of sailing on Santa Cruz 40’s and 50’s. Years later I found myself sailing in Dana Point with my old friend Captain Mike O’Connor where I met my wife Michelle and we have been sailing together ever since. We partnered in a 34’ Olson in Newport Beach for 4 years and after a job relocation to Northern Ca, we are now partners in a Sausalito berthed 44ft Beneteau, aptly named Drama. Yacht sales offers me the satisfaction of connecting people with a passion for boats with a means of realizing their dream of recreating on the water. I look forward to using my years of boating experience and knowledge to help you find the right vessel to make your time on the water memorable.

Mariners Yacht & Ship Brokerage, Inc. image

Roger Hudson
Sales Professional
(949) 690-1906

I got my start in boating as a 16 year old kid, watching boats going in and out of Newport Harbor. I loved the idea of sailing out to sea and started reading about sailing and bought myself a 12' homemade plywood sloop, on a trailer. That was the start of over 40 years of "messing about in boats", as they say. In the year 2000, after years of working in commercial painting, I began working on various boats, both sail and power, doing varnish and paint. Soon after that, I began doing equipment installations and then sailboat rigging. Also, during these last 12 years, I have been crewing on, and helping to maintain, two beautiful old classic schooners. First was "Kelpie" a 1928 82' schooner (under Capt. Mike O'Connor), and now, presently on "Curlew" a John Alden design, 1926 82' staysail schooner. Sailing on these ships and sharing the experience with hundreds of groups of people has been very rewarding. Over the years, I have sailed extensively on the West Coast and Mexico, and have done the crossing from Hawaii to California and participated in many races.

Now, with several thousand miles of ocean sailing under my belt and the experience of sailing and working on many different types of boats, classic, cruising, and racing, I have joined the team at Mariner's Yacht and Ship Brokerage.

It would be my pleasure to help you in any way to sell your boat or to find the next "Love of your Life"! They say, the two happiest days of a boat owners life is the day he buys a boat, and the day he sells his boat. Let me help you make each of those days happen!

Mariners Yacht & Ship Brokerage, Inc. image

Bob Jarvis
Sales Professional
(949) 212-7309

Bob has been involved in the boating industry for the last 35 years, he is an avid fisherman owning several boats over the years. Bob has been selling boats for 17 years specializing in Sportfishers and power boats of all types. Bob has also sold many sailboats from 26 to 50 feet and will work very hard to find you the perfect boat, or list your boat for sale.

Mariners Yacht & Ship Brokerage, Inc. image

Captain David Markley
Sales Professional
(949) 606-2291

My love for sailing really took off in 1968 when I purchased my first of several boats---a Santana 22’ sail boat. Most of my early experience came from sailing and racing on lakes in Oklahoma and Texas. In the early 1970’s I started offshore racing and cruising in the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. This lead to being a partner in a 90’ two-mast schooner based in St. Thomas which we raced, cruised and had in the charter business. In 1997 we moved to Dana Point and I started my west coast cruising and currently own a boat in the Dana Point Harbor. In 1999 I begin my career in the yacht brokerage business and have been able to combine my professional career in sales with my true passion of boating. My commitment in the yacht world is to assist others in finding the exact boat for them, a vessel that meets all of their needs and desires. My belief is that my clients will know the right boat for them when we step on board and do not need to be sold anything. My only job is to help them find that right boat and be of assistance in helping them make the purchase.

It is my great pleasure to assist others in enjoying the wonderful life of yachting; whether it’s fishing, racing or cruising----it is a fun, exciting and enjoyable life to share with family and friends. I am ready 24/7 to be of service to you in assisting you in the purchase or sale of your vessel.

Mariners Yacht & Ship Brokerage, Inc. image

Dave Ulrich
Sales Professional
(949) 412-9100

Dave was born in Washington DC. Raised in the Chesapeake Bay area around Annapolis Md. His first memory of boats was a place called The Old Wharf in south west Washington DC along the Potomac River where shrimp, oyster and fishing boats would sell their fresh catch from the bay along the commercial docks with sea food restaurants nearby. He knew at that moment boats and fishing were going to be a big part of his life. Most summers were spent at his grandparent’s cottage on the bay catching big blue claw crab and fishing. The end of summer was spent on to his uncle’s farm in West Virginia digging potatoes, vegetables and fruit to be canned by his grand mother and mom for the winter ahead.

His first boat was a 37’ power boat built in 1937 on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

That would be his home for the next several years, where his daughter and he fished every inch of the Chesapeake Bay. Later on venturing to Ocean City and Wildwood, New Jersey shores to fish offshore, then south to the outer banks of Virginia and North Carolina.

In 1980 Dave accepted a position with Southern Ca Edison Company in Santa Monica Ca He purchased a new fishing boat and docked in Dana Point. In 1982 Dave met his wife Brenda and together they have cruised and fished their boats from Catalina south into Mexico.

He enjoys spending time with his wife and step son, Jamie. Jamie spent four years with the USA Men’s Volleyball Team coaching staff, bringing home the gold from 2008 Beijing Olympics. He transferred to the USA Womens Volleyball Team. We attended the 2012 Olympics in London where the USA Women’s Volleyball Team brought home the silver! Jamie has accepted a position on the coaching staff with UCI Irvine.

Dave has traveled and fished boats from the Gulf Coast of the USA and Mexico to Roatan Honduras on the Atlantic side and Pacific Ocean from Dana Point south through Mexico and every port through Costa Rica. Favorite place to fish and relax is Hualtulco Mexico and Flamingo Bay, Costa Rica.

In 1996 Dave retired from The Edison Co with 36 years of experience in the electrical field and started his own business Yacht Ready Consultants.

Working with Mariners Yachts specializing in sport fishing boats is a natural fit for Dave. Mariners Yachts is pleased to be working with Dave to fill all of our clients needs.

Mariners Yacht & Ship Brokerage, Inc. image

Marisa Velasco
Sales Professional
U.S. Direct (949) 209-8699

Marisa has been selling boats in San Carlos, Sonora Mexico since 2003, when she completed about 5000 nm cruising the coast of Mexico from 2001 to 2003. She is originally from the Philippines where she spent every weekend of her teenage years aboard a large power yachts. She then took a detour through California to work the high-powered corporate life in human resources and information systems. Now living the dream where the desert meets the sea, and dealing with boats for a living!

This trilingual agent prides herself in using her international background to facilitate the buying/selling process for her clients, while getting things done in small-town Mexico -- all within the safety and security of a reputable CA brokerage.

When not training at the local gym, she and her husband Allan spend time aboard their 48’ Amel Maramu ketch or 32’ Topaz Sportfisher in the Sea of Cortez.

Mariners Yacht & Ship Brokerage, Inc. image

Mark Washburn
Sales Professional

I have been in the marine industry for over 35 years now. When I was 6 years old, my uncle introduced me to salt water fishing and I’ve loved it ever since. I commercial fished in Alaska for 27 years. It is there I earned my 100 ton U.S. Coast Guard Masters License. I have also operated many large pleasure sport fishers and fished in tournaments throughout the West Coast and Mexico. In 1999 I obtained my ship brokerage license and began my career selling yachts. I represented Albermarle, Egg Harbor, Hatteras, Formula, Fountain, Mako, Glacier Bay, World Cats, Cabo Rico and several others. I found that selling boats is actually what I have enjoyed the most during my career because I love working with my clients and helping them locate the perfect boat for them. I am always available for you anytime and would love to help you find your perfect boat. Please don’t hesitate to call me and I look forward to working with you!

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