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Moonen Shipyards builds fully custom and semi-custom steel-hulled superyachts, including a Displacement Series and an Explorer Series, as well as an all-aluminium Fast Yacht Series of semi-displacement superyachts, between approx. 20 and 45 metres (65 and 150 feet). All of exceptional, award-winning quality.

At Moonen, we strive to bring to life each client's unique vision of the ideal yacht, while maintaining that "typical Moonen" look. Each Moonen yacht therefore expresses the imagination of its owner, even as each shares the heritage of Moonen's experience, fine Dutch quality and workmanship. Owning a Moonen yacht means joining an exclusive club, as we build just three or four yachts each year. Moonen designs into each yacht the essential qualities of seakeeping, maneuverability, stability, silence, and the basic parameters of contentment. We create for each yacht an interior of impeccable handmade wood joinery, designed, furnished, and decorated to the owner's taste. This combination of premium quality and advanced technology, guided by personal client input and the keen commitment of the Moonen crew, make every Moonen yacht a joy to own and an excellent investment.

The same experienced hands who build Moonen yachts also perform the full range of refit work including general refurbishment, hull and superstructure lengthening, repair, or total rebuild. Moonen is always ready to give "mature" yachts the reward of a new life. Since we acquired a new 60-metre construction hall, we can do refits of yachts up to a length of approx. 50 metres (165 feet).

Moonen Shipyards has established its own Yacht Brokerage to offer select "yachts with experience" to clients who desire the benefits of Moonen quality, reliability and performance. Moonen Brokerage focuses on aiding owners in the resale of existing Moonen yachts.

Thanks to the friendly contact we maintain with all Moonen owners, we are inevitably the first to hear when any of them intends to place their yacht on the market. Several are usually available at any time, so why not contact us to find out about a used “pocket-size displacement or semi-displacement superyacht." After all, no one knows more about a Moonen than we do. See “Yachts for Sale” which Moonen boats are listed now.

The philosophy of Moonen Shipyards has always been to focus on quality rather then quantity. Since 1981, we have been commissioned to build some 75 yachts up to 124 feet overall: steel-hulled Displacement Cruisers, rugged Explorers and all-aluminium Semi-Displacement Fast Yachts. We design and build our yachts to provide owners with all the comfort, elegance, and sophistication of a superyacht, but on a more personal, intimate scale. By customizing each yacht to meet its client's most demanding expectations, and building it in keeping with the grand tradition of Dutch quality, we give pleasure and value to match each owner's personal lifestyle. Whichever yacht type you choose to build, the Moonen name and logo assure design and engineering to the highest standards, uncompromising craftsmanship, and unrivalled attention to detail. Sometimes things really are irreplaceable! Please check our website: “www.moonen.com”.

Featured Boat
photo of 94' Moonen Infinity
94' Moonen Infinity
2007 €3,600,000

Infinity combines speed and comfort with safety and seaworthiness in an unrivalled way for a yacht of this size. Her round-bilge fast displacement hull with sharp waterlines in the bow ensures a very comfortable ride in almost any sea-state. There is also a complete absence of pitching or uncomfortable slamming even at higher speeds. As the Moonen motto says: It’s not about how fast you go, it is about how you go fast!

The highly efficient hull also combines a good top speed with exceptionally low fuel consumption at low speeds. At 11 knots Infinity only consumes 80 litres/21 gallons per hour, and this figure is further educed at lower speeds. This translates into a transatlantic range for a yacht that has a top speed of nearly 23 knots, which is unprecedented! Moreover, the noise and vibration levels on Infinity are among the lowest possibly achievable in this size with such a speed. She really is a pleasure to cruise on.

Delivered in 2007 Infinity has since enjoyed an extensive refit that included a new paint job and the addition of CMC zero-speed stabilisers to further enhance comfort at anchor. Maintained in impeccable condition, she is probably the best 30-metre yacht available on the market today!


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