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Why Mikelson?

Mikelson Yachts, Inc. image 10 Great Reasons To Buy A Mikelson

Performance: All Mikelson's have the capability of performing at high cruising speeds with less horsepower. Mikelson's can carry larger loads and more fuel, with an easily driven hull, that has a dry and soft ride. The wide beam and low center-of-gravity keeps the boat stable both under way and at anchor.

Size, Comfort & Luxury: The wide beam also allows for more interior in each boat. Lots of hatches and windows keep the boat light and open. We offer any available option, with professional consultation to help each buyer decide what will work best for them. Mikelson has always focused on building boats that make boating fun, comfortable and easy to operate.

Top Quality Design & Construction: The industries premier art information, materials and products. Equipment is picked from the latest systems available. Strength, durability and accessibility are all major aspects of every installation.

Resale: Mikelson has enjoyed a successful history of high resale values, based on the fact that we customize virtually each boat we build making each boat especially desirable, and because "well bought to begin with is half sold".

Customizing: Literally every Mikelson built has custom features. We are proud to build boats to suit their owners, yet still do it at a reasonable price. It can be said that we build semi-custom boats at production boat prices, and we have the flexibility to make the boat personal.

Comfort & Safety: The low center-of-gravity and wide beam on every Mikelson makes it a more stable boat, and the moment of action is lower which also makes it more comfortable. The deck areas are wide and accessible, with nice looking & functional non-skid and rails where they need to be. Access to machinery is excellent for service and safety.

Fuel Economy & Range: Mikelson's high speed capability with lower horsepower means less fuel burned per mile. The easily driven hull provides great operating efficiency at trolling long range, mid, and high speeds...a multi-capable hull.

Proven Fishing Capability: Mikelson's catch fish!! After Midnight ( Mikelson 75') has been one of the leading money tournament boats in the last several years, winning the 2000 Bisbee Black & Blue, 2003 Catalina Classic, & 2003 Zane Gray. Fintastic 2 (Mikelson 43') won the 2001 Catalina Classic. In the mid-1990's, T- Bird (Mikelson 50') was the leading sportfisher for most categories on the west coast of the USA.

Customer Support: Customer support is a priority at Mikelson Yachts, and we've seen a loyalty among owners rarely seen in this industry... Just ask any Mikelson owner!

Value . . . see items #1 through #9 above!


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