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Tom Fexas Designs

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Mikelson Yachts, Inc. image As a powerboat designer, Tom Fexas has distinguished himself with his fresh innovative approach to yacht design.

His many accomplishments include pioneering such concepts as pocketed rudders which eliminate drag, production boats constructed with unidirectional fiberglass reinforcement, and hull designs that combine a deep entry with a flat afterbody to provide a fast, smooth ride.

His first national recognition came from a radical new design, "Midnight Lace", which literally stole the 1978 Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show. It was a design which led to the discovery and subsequent commission by a major boat builder, Cheoy Lee.

Mikelson Yachts, Inc. image In the years since, Tom has worked with more than 25 different builders from the United States, Italy, Brazil, Taiwan, Australia, Hong Kong, England, and France, and has created unparalleled designs with unmatched style and performance.

For more photos and an informational video of Tom Fexas Design please visit www.mikelsonyachts.com.


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