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"As an adolescent, I fell in love with the sea. Today I am just as passionate about the water, maybe even more so. In that sense I am truly lucky since my hobby is now my vocation and I get to share my experiences with others."

Our president, Michael Mayer, has been involved with all aspects of the water since his teen years. He has raced boats, (including the SAGA, a 68 foot Nelson Meric), scuba dived and fished offshore in the Caribbean, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

It goes without saying Mayer Yacht is here to service you. Besides investing in his own people, Michael makes it a point to invest in his clients as well. He understands the importance of building relationships and having open dialogues. He is about sharing knowledge, imparting advice and doing the best possible job for his customers. His love of the water is infectious and his honesty and experience are appreciated by all.

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