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photo of 43' Herreshoff Fishers Island 31
43' Herreshoff Fishers Island 31
1930 US$ 89,000

            Cirrus is a very special boat. Designed by Nathanael G. and Sidney DeWolff Herreshoff, she was built by Herreshoff Mfg Co. in 1930. She has stirred the soul of many during her 87 years, but none more deeply than Alan Bemis who bought her in 1935 and owned her for nearly 50 years. He gave her the signature “special red” topsides that she still carries to this day. He made improvements in the rig, making her faster and in1954 engaged Joel White to make her a yawl. The yawl rig made her easier to handle, even single hand, and still she won races.


            I have known Cirrus since the late 60’s when I was a young crewmember on a Herreshoff Bar Harbor 31 in local races. Cirrus was and continues to this day to be the archrival. I now own the 31 that I have sailed on for 50 years. Still, I confess to a certain wistful feeling when I see that “special red” hull sliding so easily and gracefully through the water.


Cirrus had her worn decks overlaid with marine grade plywood and dynel in 1985. In 2004 she had major structural work done. Her timber keel was replaced, as were frames and floor timbers. She is in remarkably good condition overall.





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